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  1. you can just make your own ? thin it up with som cheap moisterizer
  2. went there today... and it was completly shit
  3. anybody from denmark that have some good products you can recommend ? im getting sick of all these shit products
  4. is the body shop products any good an if.. wich products is the good ones ?
  5. any place that sells the shit online with international shipping... me being in little denmark
  6. will this help make my shallow scaring make a 100 % improment ? the deepest scar is like 0.3-0.5 mm
  7. I really want a database with scar treatments.. with succes and fail storys in short on every treatment... and tips... will make the search for perfect skin so much easier
  8. i did say that teachers and police men lair about weed... and they do..
  9. slaugter... what a bad "friend" you are...
  10. However you must take the fact that the effects of cannabis are harder to research into account since it is not legal... It is in canada now and holland... why do you think so ? becuase they have seen the light... and dont just play along what the other contrys think and do... and on my link being ganda... shame on you.. dont you think its sceintefic enough ? shall i find every study that have show the same the last 20 year?
  11. namecalling ? what are you talking about.. are you high ?
  12. why im just trying to inform another... if she wants to go trhue hole here life in ignorance... I wont waste my time an efford to convince her to the truth.. i gor sience to back my statements up.. she got liars stuck to you by state officals like teachers and police men
  13. it says something about the effects of cannabis... and they are nothing excpet chronic use of it.. and alcohol you frie your braincells http://www.megspace.com/health/c24t/cannabis.htm By any accounting, the impact of health problems linked to cannabis is much less than that resulting from alcohol or tobacco use
  14. did i call you anything ? read better next time [-X .. no i made a general statement and for the facts http://www.netdoktor.dk/Sunderaad/fakta/hash.htm