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  1. Thank You guys for the reply's, i appreciate it !!
  2. I''ve just used Serious Skincare product for Adult Acne, for nearly 3 months now and it didnt work for me, but i rarely have breakouts now. But the red marks are there, still ! What can i do ? I want to try Murad Acne Complex, cuz i heard it heals your skin, get rid of blemishes and get ur face clear. What do u recommend me ??
  3. I dont know what to do anymore,, i really want some help for my skin...and this kind of acne that i have..!!!
  4. I just bought an moisturizer, from Clean & Clear...to put before i sleep....not for acne, just for my skin!
  5. My face gets oily like after 3,4 hours that i've washed it. It gets oily that i must wash it. Mostly on my forehead, nose. I live in a hot place, its very warm and sunny...so i sweat allot. And my face like gets irritated and red when its really warm. Thats why i wash it so i can have a face clean, so all the dirt and oil will go away. I have a pretty sensitive skin sooo.....i have used Proactiv once and it has made no difference..
  6. I have allot of red marks yes, but some of them have white puse in them, and at my jaw line i have them that hurts, and they doesnt pop, it get worse if i touched them. More red....what to do????
  7. I'm cleaning my face twice or three times a day, first with Clean & Clear Blackheads Clearing Scrub and then i may wash it with Clean & Clear Deep Poring Wash/Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Treatment and before i sleep i put the Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment on my acnes. Sometimes when i breakout i use Noxzema..
  8. Here are some photos of my acne, what kind is it, im not sure my self...what can i do to get them away ? Its annoying...