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  1. some scars will heal, some will not. seems you have shallow scars... some heal to the point they are unnoticeable and some stay with you. keep your hopes high most of my scars faded
  2. I had similar forehead acne...then I went on vacation in Cuba for a week. I don't know what it is...but my forehead completely cleared up. It might have been the ocean salt water, or perhaps the chlorine in the pools...or maybe even sun exposure. Once I came back to Canada I broke out on my forehead again...smaller breakout which I controlled by washing my face with sea salt. It's been working!!! Especially for the acne on my temples...
  3. If you have insurance, look into accutane. It would also help if you posted your regimen!
  4. I wouldn't use the Apricot scrub on your chin... it really aggravated my chin acne. But even if you decide to stick with it, exfoliating twice a day is definitely not good.
  5. I hate my dermatologist. She's blunt and uncaring. I'm in Canada and don't have to pay to see her, so I guess she doesn't really care. Plus, she has bad skin herself...not acne, just a severe case of rosacea. I don't feel comfortable taking advice from her!!! And I am now in the process of finding a new dermatologist...I've already gone through two! Are there any good ones out there who have knowledge AND tact? Ugh.
  6. Good luck, girl! You are so pritty! But your acne isn't moderate/severe like you said. It's rather mild!!!
  7. Still waiting for you to post new pics, Tony!
  8. Good luck!!!!! You are a cutie by the way!
  9. That is nowhere near severe! Have you tried the acne.org regimen? I think that may help you... And if your bacne is severe enough I'd look into accutane.
  10. I've been following your progress...looks good!
  11. Be thankful you are surrounded by such tactful people.
  12. Good luck, Andrew! And I had no idea Cetaphil has an SPF moisturizer!!!! I need to get me some of that.