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  1. So i thought my adult acne was not a issue until i started breaking out again. Used honey as a cleanser and first week it was making skin smooth. But after i got huge breakout of comedones and or whiteheads.. i was told this was purging and bumps were everywhere. Way to remove them i start3d using dans bp and is working well.. Problem is that while its surfacing and then going away (acne that is).. i was left with larger pores then before. So question is 1. Was acne (whiteheads or comedones) h
  2. Hello monkeyisland90, I understand how frustrating it is to have eczema on your skin. I myself suffer from this dreadful skin condition. What I do to reduce the dryness and itchiness of the eczema is apply extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil on my skin twice a day then top it off with Nivea Creme (the one in the blue tub). I only use Dove as soap so my skin won't be dry. Hope you find what works best for you. Cheers! When you have eczema its on other body areas right? mine is on my
  3. So basically I'm trying to find a moisutrizer that fits me but so far everything seems to leave me dried or red. I've tried probally around 6 different moisturizers. Mostly from grocery stores etc.. But yesterday i went to get a eczema creme from kate somerville at sephora but seems like its still little irritating. (i have couple eczema patches in my body so thought my face had some connection with this) My questions are as follows 1. Since im looking for right moisturizer (i guess i need th
  4. monkeyisland90

    Regime photos

    Clarisonic w/sensitive brush Using Eucerin Red free cleanser sulfacetamide sodium 10% Dan's 2.5% BP Eucerin Green tint moisturizer Day and night homemade masks 2-3 week
  5. Conclusion of acne regime Ok, so i realized how obsessed i was in my skin and that lead to more breakouts. And logging about it everyday I was more self conscious actually and was thriving for perfection on my skin. Soon I started not stressing about it I actually got fewer breakouts, lived my life more freely and spontaneously (which equaled to happy camper).. But I did find out what works (for me personally and might help someone else going through the regime). So things that worked for me.. B
  6. Day 21, 22 and 23. Started logging everyday, then I kind of see that it's bit of a chore to do so and consolidating the days as it seems not much has changed. and beginning a routine which seems to work.. Alongside with rambling too much and being a amateur writer, it's not really in my nature to do this as I rather being going out excercise and just lounge and watch some anime. Well one strong point is that I am determined and persistent though so I'll still keep going despite missing days or
  7. Day 20 Ok, missed another night. It seems though the skin feels less red and smoother when i just wash once a day. Maybe due to less irritation. Won't make a habit out of it as it seems I don't get breakouts doing once a day only because I was incubated in my house that day. Just a educated guess I don't think it's accurate at all but seems when I go out for long periods of time and don't do night time regime I do get breakout. I've been doing homemade mask lately and tried doing the egg mask w
  8. Day 19th I think i'm resting on my "regime" and not fully committing. Forgot to do night time regime again (i think this is total 5x). Seems I rather comfortably zone out during the night and not bother doing anything else in the man cave. All dvr's, xbox, computer, music and comfortable seating gets me have no though of doing the regime, until I turn everything off. But at that point, I'm pretty tired and doze off. Luckily no breakouts... but I'm wondering if it's hidden and will burst out of t
  9. Hey i actually quit doing the regime like you 3 times.... it was too much redness, dryness and breakouts i couldn't stand. What warranted me to give it a go the 4th time was that i was following the regime checklist... if you have already then I'm guessing maybe you are allergic to BP (i believe 10% of users are).. However, everyone has different breaking points on when the regime starts kicking and starts working. Patience was really hard because i wanted to zap the zits and pimples instantly b
  10. I know what you mean about the photos not showing acne.. i have lot icepick scars and blemishes and people think i have good skin from photo or distant then they come closer and see i have bumps and such.. and i know its mostly in my head but i can see there reactions sometimes. Your only 16 and building personality is the most important thing.. Actually me being superficial and working exterior stuff have kind of got me more shallow.... A good balance is must (internal and external).. but work
  11. Day 18th Ok, I missed another day yesterday night. Fell asleep because my bed is very comfortable. Been getting good sleep and seems that has helped the breakouts tremendously. I must budget my time and cut off things that are very detrimental to my health (video games, watching too much tv, and lounging too long). Seems that will free up my time to finish up my work earlier and get to bed on time. Who knew that acne control and having my life center around it would actually be a blessing in di
  12. Day 16th I'm glad that BP is clearing up the zits and I'm glad I'm not allergic as first assumed. I've read 10% of people are allergic to BP. But I think it might be less since many seem to quit on the initial breakout thinking they are allergic but really not. I still get some reaction when I rush the regime (must have more patience!) and tend to get breakouts sometimes but mostly is redness from aggravating broken blood vessels due to rosacea. I will do meditation and the red flushing starts
  13. Day 15 Whoa i've been skipping some regimes lately (always the night one) as I seem to get too comfortable in my bed and end up sleeping and get good rest. Well it seems though it doesn't hurt my skin as much! (well so far).. Seems like the good sleep combats any breakouts and less irritation from washing twice day. But I'm not going to make this a habit as 2x regime is a must (morning and night). Seems as though face is clearing up from zits and now need to find something to remove the hyperpi