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  1. I just started using Apo Tetra and I am seeing results already. Question though... Is it suppose to flare up Acne, before it starts working fully? HWK
  2. Calamine lotion can be used anytime of the day. We just say at night because during the day, you might want to wear something that will show it (The stuff I use is pink, so naturally it shows up on my skin a bit) But it could be possible to get it in clear form. HWK<3
  3. It doesn't clog you're pores. I have been using about a week now and it's doing what it's suppose to. My pimples are dried up and already healing. It's a lot better than using all those chemicals in such things as Oxy and Biore. Give it a go. It's been helping me a great deal these last few days and I am almost certain it will help you too Just make sure when you apply it, you don't put it on when you have clothes that are going to be worn all day. Apply it before bed and wash it off in the s
  4. xhwkx

    Shoulder acne

    What's the best thing to use? I have only been using Oxy HWK<3
  5. xhwkx

    Shoulder acne

    Thanks for the advice, Kevin. It hasn't spread to my back, sides or anywhere else. It's just centralized on those two spots. I do use calamine lotion at night to dry it out and very rarely, an oxy pad just to help it along when the lotion runs out. So far, it's stayed where it's stayed and hasn't given me too many issues. HWK<3
  6. xhwkx

    Shoulder acne

    I have had this for awhile and it's going away. How much scarring is it going to leave? I have a few more pimples on my other shoulder, but it's mild, nothing to be concerned about right now. Can this be cleared up or is it pretty much there to stay? Gross! HWK<3
  7. I have always been too scared of my own skin to try my hand at dating and getting into a relationship with somebody. Always worried about how he will perceive me, how he will react when I am not clothed and completely bare. That was until I met Greg. He tells me all the time how beautiful, how gorgeous I am and for once? I am believing it! We all have this idea that every girl and or guy is gonna take one look at us and run because we have some sort of acne. Severe or moderate. One pimple or te
  8. Hmmm, awkward. I have never seen anything like that before. How long have you had it exactly? Like any scar, it should fade in time. HWK<3
  9. Sex is a good for self image and clear skin. It does have something to do with hormone levels. You're body produces more of one thing and balances everything out. Then again what do I know, I am still a virgin at 22 (By choice of course) HWK<3
  10. Please don't give up! I was at my lowest a few days ago too and found sweet sweet salvation in a simple product. Keep forging along and don't give up hope! YOU CAN and WILL have clear skin! HWK<3
  11. For the last few days before bed, I slather on a good layer of Calamine lotion before I got to sleep. I have been noticing a HUGE difference in my skin. The scars have faded a great deal (Up to 40%) the previous pimples have dried up and are almost gone. In the morning, I either rinse with Aloe Vera juice, drink it or I use one small Oxy pad to clear any left over lotion. Can't believe one simple little bottle of anti-itch cream could do so much! My face looks flawless and my shoulders are start
  12. hi :) thanks for the response! ughhh yeah i know its just so hard right now!

  13. That's true. Its the least place to worry about, but it bugs me. Wish it could be as clear as my face is and has always been. The pimples are pretty much gone and all that's left is now mainly scars, which will fade in time. Still, it's a pain to have to deal with and look at daily. He said yesterday on the phone that he thought scars we're sexy. They are "battle wounds" as we both called them :lol: HWK<3
  14. Calamine lotion works wonders. I have been using it on my shoulders and its starting to clear everything. The only thing with that is, it drys the skin a little bit. BUT, it DOES work and it is pretty safe to use. Washing the sheets works well too. Because if you don't, you are sleeping old sweat and dirt from nights before. By washing you are cleaning all the old grime off and really, who doesn't love to climb into bed at night and cuddle up to nice smelling bed linen eh? One last little
  15. Oh he does love me for me. 110%! I just want it to be gone so I feel more confident. Acne is a pain in the @ss! HWK<3