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  1. yea me either. When i got off accutane about a year and a half ago i had a bunch of red marks and i just went to the derm every 3 weeks for a chem peel and after 7 months they were all gone. so im back on the chem peel track right now, and some of the red marks were really deep. Lately my skin has been leaving red marks to EVERYTHING and idk why so im hoping the chem peels start working again
  2. A derm can use bleaching compounds for brown marks. My derm says the only thing that treats red marks is time, which i kinda find that hard to believe
  3. thanks, i hope so. also, lately my skins been leaving red marks to EVERYTHING, and no she didnt steam me before and she was pushing REALLY hard on some of them to where it hurt. And i woke up this morning and there isnt much change which is pretty discouraging. Also. i dont use a moisturizer, all i do is in the shower i wash with panoxyl 10% bar which is pretty drying, then i apply klaron lotion. Would using a moisturizer help my chances of not getting red marks? Thanks
  4. where you say to use the acne cream, i use prescription klaron lotion, will this be ok to use?
  5. the thing that scares me is that the nurse that was doing it was pushing really hard on my acne to extract them. i thought that you should only apply light force when doing it. Also i had a chem peel done right before it so do you think this will slow down the healing time
  6. I went to the derm today becuase i recently had a breakout from being sick, just when my skin was clear, and i thought they would inject them but this time they use thier little extractor tools and went around extracting my blackheads and the pimples that i had. When i went in there, the pimples wernt very red and they were mostly flat, but after they used thier tool thier now really red and slightly raised again. Has anyone else had this done. Also the ones they extraced i have had for about 3
  7. If its more of a purple brown mark then the derm can do some pigmentation work on you but if its a red mark then u just have to let it fade over time while some peels could also help with this but u just have to be patient. I know its rough cause i was perfectly clear 2 weeks ago until i got sick now im broken out bad again with scarring happening and i just did 8 months of chem peels to get rid of the scars that i had before.
  8. i feel your pain. going through what i think is steroid induced acne too. metrogel is an antiprotozoal and anti-bacterial cream so it does what BP does and more.

  9. U gatta stick it out. Oral antibiotics usually take at least 3 weeks before you will see sometimes the slightest improvement. Ive been on many of them and i still am on them, and you just have to ride it out and deal with it. What i have noticed is that after you take one oral antibiotic like you are and everything is surfacing, if you happen to switch to a different one, you wont have another initial outbreak like this one. You might get a little one, but nothing like this. Just keep doing what
  10. Accutane all the way bro, i had bad cystic acne for about 3 years and i tried everything also, until my doc put me on it. trust me, you wont be let down. Also, since you have only had it for 8 months, you will probably have minimal scaring unlike me. But like double said, you lips are gonna be chapped beyond belief, so get some aquafor, and use it like its your life, and your skin will probably be dried out and flakey....but who cares, 6 months of chapped lips and flakey skin for clear skin afte
  11. Im not sure about the strength, but i would get my cysts injected all the time and they would stay there for a good month. I dont mean to burst your bubble, but if its been there for a month, it will most likely leave a scar, but if its not gone by the time you start accutane, the accutane will definatly take it away. I had cystic acne with many scars and the accutane killed them all. Also, this may sound wierd, but i used klaron lotion after i got off accutane in combonation with chemical peels
  12. $484 is alot of money to get one cyst removed. I know, i hate them to, but think of how many derm visits you can get for that much money. I would keep getting the injections, it will go away. Mine would do that also, and i would just keep going back, until i got on accutane and that stopped them in thier tracks.
  13. It sucks that in todays society, if a guy wears makeup, hes not a true man, becuase you cant really even tell you have acne with it on. But, us guys have our own makeup and its called facial hair