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  1. sorry but the regimen has utterly saved me. it can be a frustrating, slow process but it works.
  2. i use face scrubs with no adverse effects. however, i've been on the regimen more than a year so my skin is pretty toughened to anything now
  3. sorry but what is a rolling scar? the regimen takes time to get used to (i think it was a couple of months before my skin fully adjusted and throughout that time i had red patches from previous spots, which looked horrible). probably not conducive to treating spots but bio oil reduces the appearance of scars. g'luck mate.
  4. Haha ok I will back you up. Then we can step to the back of the room and discuss when James and Theo make us an offer I think I could only work with them two. You are right though. People look at these treatments as cures to acne too often. There is no cure for acne. But you can try your damn hardest to control it. There needs to be more awareness though as you say. Thanks Certainly something within the UK would make it more accessible for those around Europe too. It could even, t
  5. My idea - I'll be the rep! But seriously, I think he could tap into a huge market over here. Our UK spot remedies are rubbish. God knows I've tried them all. The Regimen attacks acne and spots in an entirely different way. It's prevention rather than cure, per se. This could be massive, but more people need to know about it.
  6. I have been on the Regimen for a year now, having suffered from acne since my teens. I'm now 25. Like many others, I've found it DOES WORK and I am so grateful to Dan and everyone else involved in its production and this website. However, I don't think word of it is widespread enough. I stumbled across this site while desperately trying to find a cure. I believe so, so many people could benefit from this but a lack of suitable products in the UK (I was prescribed Panoxyl last year - it's horri
  7. i absolutely love dan's BP (and i'm just a customer, i'm not getting paid to say this, heh). i was on panoxyl before and my face was horrendous. i looked weirdly sunburnt. i've had no probs with dan's with redness whatsoever.
  8. in defence of dan, i am currently using his brand of BP gel and it's a complete picnic to what i was using before - panoxyl 2.5 % gel, which made my face peel like crazy and appear completely sunburnt - not a good look when you work in a professional capacity and have to face loads of people everyday dan FTW!
  9. i am only using panoxyl as it's what i was prescribed, but i have ordered some of dan's as i like the sound of it for long term use
  10. this is probably not going to be very helpful for you but i have been using the 2.5% panoxyl gel for just under two weeks (and taking lymecycline for the same time, though i believe it's too soon for this to be having an effect) and have been noticing an improvement. i have had the red, sore, flaking skin you described, but my spots are fewer in number. moisturising after definitely helps a lot - it takes time for your skin to get used to such a regime.
  11. I have been considering this...but it would be a big step for me as I love eating low fat yogurt and milk and they have been a big part of my diet. What other foods have calcium in them to ensure you get enough - is it things like spinach?