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  1. Very sad about this thing of "fresh bp" :(

    Never change a winning team :(

  2. I have a 9169 Batch with the same problems...after 7 days of use, i breaked my entire FACE Honestly, i trust acne.org and OKAY, this is a fresher BP....but sorry, this isn't working. Maybe the product needs to "rest" a little before use My batch is not irritating the skin, its just NOT DOING ANYTHING o.O really weird. Please, "DONT'T CHANGE A WINNING TEAM"
  3. I am having troubles with my new BP 9169. It has a completly different and strong smell, is a lot more dry and i'm not getting the same effect..in fact, after use it for 7 days, my skin is terrible and its not helping at all I will wait my contact response by mail, and try to order a new one
  4. Hello everyone! First of all, i gotta say, "Dan is the best, PERIOD". But i have a big problem with Moisturizers and SPFs. I tried lots of Moisturizers and all make me GLOWY..i wait 10, 20, 30, 60 minuts and...still glowing. The same problem with SPFs, both water and alcohol based. Some alcohol based makes my skin looks like...plastic o.O its weird. So i never use them! But its winter now and with the hot shower water and everything else, my skin is really dry and this is causing me more acn
  5. I can't buy from the oficial site, because i'm from Brazil. Anyone knows any other site that can sell the ANSR Worldwide? Or anyone in the community can send it to me? Thanks!
  6. Man, if BP can cause cancer, i wounder WHAT THE HELL Accutane can cause. At least we use BP externally.... So what? Sun can cause cancer, Mc Donalds can cause cancer, everything can cause cancer... i hate to hear things like that. And EVERY active acne treatment WILL WORSE your acne if you dont complete it. Its like an Infection. If you stop the medicine so soon, it will return much more stronger.
  7. Every treatment starts like this. Accutane for example, dry everything, outside and inside. BP acts just like an acid, so it WILL dry your skin A LOT. This is why Dan includes some moisturizer. If you have problems with the moisturizer, buy another one. You will never find a perfect treatment, without lots of testing. Good luck.
  8. While BP has localized external effects, accutane has a lot of internal effects, that can really disturb you entire organism.
  9. Yes its possible. If you want faster(but not definitive) results, try some antibiotics from the Cycline family: Minocycline, Tetracycline etc. Consult a dermatologist before you do that. Normally they prescript those for 40 days. I recommend Adapalene (Differin), its less irritating and much effective. I never could use Accutane and when my acne started, it was much more worse than yours. I started with Tetracycline for 45 days. You will solve this! but you will really needs to be patient.
  10. 5 Years ago i tried BP 5% and it worsed my problem. Now, its working "Don`t change your team if you are winning."