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  1. i been using Neutrogena transparent bar original formula and Neutrogena On the spot acne treatment, man i clean my face with bar then dry then On the spot, every morn and night,or sometimes just morn, man i tell u what a great sucess it has been, i been doing this for 5 months and i have NO acne just a lil scars but its great, its expensive for the bp but its madd worth it. thx dan your site really helped me out.
  2. well thank u for your thoughts, i really thank u for the advise u ppl gave.
  3. i was wondering how long will the redmarks on my face will go away, or is there a product that will make it go away faster? just seems like my face looks worse with red marks then pimples, and another thing when i do the Regimen after i put on the BP can i also put on the scar product or will that be to much to put on my face?
  4. man that Eucerin skin renewal makes me break out in red spots, is there any other lotion i can u thats just as good?
  5. i been using clearasel 10% bp, Neutrogena oily skin facial bar, andEucerin skin renewal lotion, i been doing this for awhile now, has been showing big improvement, but for some reason im getting small redmarks that seem to hurt, i don't know if im puttin to much bp or what, but i only use the lotion on my face every morn, and at night i just put some makeup and lots of BP at night before bed. meh idk what to do.
  6. I take a look in the mirrir and my face don't look pimplely just few spots from where cysts used to be and i have semi scars on my face that are noticeable, but only a few. just feels like everyone is lookin at my scars now after my acne cleared up, i don't have the money to get a laser or skin peel, is there any products out there that would treat the scars any better then they are, if so it would be great help.
  7. well i been puttin clearasel 10bp alot and drys up my face but not flake, but it looks like the skin is out of whack, so i bought the Eucerin skin renewal and it looks like my face is greasy, idk if i should keep using it or not.
  8. well when i used dove soap my face get oily fast but i use the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, it really works wonders plus with the Regimen. i use the soap on my back as well and it shows improvement with out BP on my back and chest.
  9. Well i been doing the Regimen but i have not been applying lotion and really don't know what lotion to use cuz some get really greasy and i don't want that is there a recomended kind to use or what.