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  1. Accutane certainly dries you out while on it but I didnt think it would continue once I stopped it. Been easily 8 months now and I'm bone dry with sore joints and follicilitis on my face. Anyone figured out how to make the body produce more HA? Or get my sebum back? A search through google seems to say retinoic acid would help with HA production, to bad Retinoic acid is a metabolite of vitamin A. No thanks. Oh and why do people stay away from Vitamin A after Accutane for years, can I ever take
  2. It's like stringlike puss. Like what comes out of a pimple, but it's out in the open (not like a whitehead, though I do have lots of whiteheads). Nope, never used any. I have this, in many pores, I even have holes on my forehead that I can squeeze this out of. Something tells me its yeast infection like candida but i cant be sure.
  3. Is it like playdoh in your pores? Were you ever on antibiotics for long amounts?
  4. Much the same here after taking acne ANTIBIOTICS for a long time. Anyone else here take ANTIBIOTICS for 3+ months straight? I took it for 18-20 months straight. I then went on accutane to rid me of this problem but now I have less blackheads but also have areas which i can only drain playdoh like puss out of, they never seem to flatten nor completely drain. Just lumps under my skin not red in the slightest give me my damn pimples back! Please speak up people could this be a candida infection
  5. Try 2 years on doxy for me and I am getting these things majorly bad perhaps it is an infection I have. I have even tried accutane and since then my pores have just been trapped with #%&@ that I cannot fully remove no matter how much I squeeze. Stringy pus like stuff comes out but its not like a blackhead or pimple where they go away for good. After stopping doxy this wasn't to much of a problem because I could extract blackheads and these lumps would disappear but after accutane my pores se
  6. I was unaware of any of this at the time. My doc told me I could stay on them for years until my acne is gone. Hell even the lad at the chemist told my mum he was on them for years and never had a problem. My dad told me all along never to take those anti biotics for such a long time. Heres the problem They dont go away by themselves I had some sitting in my face for 6months plus wondering what these things were I assumed they were scars because some of the big ones just looked like hol
  7. Whilst on accutane? I just want to fast forward the next 10 months and see what my skin looks like before starting any scar treatments, if any. Ugh who knows but I'm not so sure on the derma roller it definately gave me 1 or 2 new scars I was clear when I rolled but that soon changed after rolling. I certainly got way more blackheads after rolling also which left me with scarred pores or even more like small icepicks so I decided to go on tane.
  8. I have finally gone on Accutane and have found myself not healing well. I usually would never get a scarred pore from a blackhead but since being on Tane I have been. My question is would LED's whilst on Accutane help me heal up nicely or am I wasting my time? I have also gotten a few other scars from squeezing since being on tane and have now learnt my lesson not to ssqueeze. I planned to buy a LED anyway because I plan to do some self needling and rolling after 6 months of being off Accutane
  9. *%#@ this im going on accutane you get a few of these things i literally have 20-30 of them at a time fed up with it
  10. im starting to sound like a broken record here. i havent seen too many positive results with needling either. ive seen people say they are getting better, but nothing too amazing. theres some posts back from 2004 where maya and reilly (really respected members in their time) did a few tca crosses on themselves (so needling with acid) and saw some really good results on their ice pick scars. I have seen your posts about the tca cross. It really seems similar to needling but it seems that tc
  11. I have a few icpicks scars all over the place, cheeks, forhead etc. I have a few rolling and box scars also and bad skin tone but am after improving the deeper scars for now. I'm not sure I have heard of anyone improving their icepicks dramatically though which doesn't give me much hope.
  12. Yeah I'm also about to start up weightlifting again which won't be good for my skin if I take supplements. When I first stopped I only got these clogged pores and they were small and easy to remove for weeks. Slowly it's only gone downhill from there which is kind of a shock. I thought I'd just outgrown my acne perhaps.. Luckily for you, I do have pitted scars and even a finger nail scar or 2 from squeezing which makes me more frustrated. I'd kill to not have to pick my skin, I wan't my old a
  13. Yeah all of mine often leave bruises and scabs when I squeeze them which is not good. I don't know what causes them though I think if we hadn't taken Doxy they would all be pimples. Now this isn't all that much better apart from the fact that pimples disapear by themselves! These things don't. I'm glad someone else is experiencing the same problem and I feel your pain. Do you get many of them? I get so many every week now and they have gotten worse since getting off Doxy. I manage to squeeze so
  14. I'm not sure it seems as if whatever this sebum stuff is in my pimples and pores is like dried up puss perhaps? Yeah I won't scar until I remove the blackhead and then after that not many leave a scar but a few do. Hopefully BHA works well on my forhead this is where they are worst and also my chin. Do you have to squeeze hard to remove yours? I no I usually do. Mine often are slightly inflamed but when I squeeze no puss comes out only this stuff I mention. Sometimes it is moist and very rarely
  15. I actually think this might be correct, be aware people do a bit of research.