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  1. Thank you for all of your suggestions it seems like this Cerave is getting RAVE reviews heh heh...this is sad I have so many moisturizers just sitting on my dresser and none of them are really cutting it... Dan's moisturizer Neutrogena Complex 15 Aveeno Cetaphil two different kinds! I guess I will give this Cerave stuff a go and report back hopefully it works. I have also been using Jojoba oil I have been putting on my moisturizer than putting a little oil over that. Is that the correct way to
  2. Why shouldn't you use moisturizer at night I never heard of this before is their any specific reason or link to why you shouldn't? I just try to keep moisturizer on at all times!
  3. Just recently my skin decided to do a complete 180 instead of being unbearably oily it is now extremely dry. Mostly around my nose cheeks and chin region. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser twice a day when I wake up and before I go to sleep. And even if I put globs on moisturizer on and its 80 degrees in my room my skin feels tight and dry after the moisturizer absorbs in an hour or so. It is completely ridiculous how drastic my skin changed but it has. My moisturizer at the present moment is
  4. I have suffered from acne on an off for about 10 years an over that time I have had good times an bad. For the past year or so my acne has been under control an really have not had any active breakouts. This is fantastic news except for the fact that my skin tone is completely botched an looks terrible an I am seeking advice on how I can fix it. It seems like when I try to exfoliate it just makes my skin look worse. However if their is something I can put on my face that does not irritate much y
  5. If candida overgrowth is a root cause of your acne than it probably does not matter. The past week or so I have been eating eggs, hardboiled an scrambled eggs. The best way to know if a food product is going to affect you is listen to your body an see how it responds to something! As is if you are on a strict candida diet you really do not have many food options so cutting out something else like eggs would be a big deal!
  6. I think anyone who has suffered from considerable acne for a long period of time has felt like you are at one point or another. Their is a saying you never know what you have until it is gone an boy that is the truth. When I was younger before acne I was extremely outgoing, an felt like I could tackle any challenge. After being worn down year after year from acne I think we all reach a breaking point an how we deal with that is very important. I am currently on the road to recovery which is an
  7. Well I took my first threelac yesterday an I was shocked by how amazing my skin feels today. Usually after 2-3 hours of showering my nose is an oil slick an today its bone dry, I did not even use any product just to see if it would have any effect an I can say with certainty it most certainly has! An antibiotics are not the only contributors to a candida overgrowth but they are not good at all. If you have a diet high in sugar, carbs it will keep feeding the candida. I have been trying to wrap
  8. From my understanding its very hard to diagnose candida or rather a candida overgrowth, I am going to give this threelac stuff a try an see how it goes! I do have some of the symptoms they say are common for people suffering from candida but they could also stem from other problems. Basically I am trying this stuff an if I do not see much of an improvement health wise I can scratch it off the list but in my case I have a funny feeling candida is the problem!
  9. Interesting that someone posted a topic about this I knew about candida for quite some time because my mother an sister both suffered from it. Just recently I got together with my sister an she suggested that I may have a candida overgrowth, I thought it was limited to women but that's not the case at all. So I started doing more in-depth research an read the symptoms an realized I had a lot of them, they also have a spit test you can do to see if you possibly have a candida overgrowth an it cam
  10. Yesterday I had a mini breakdown I usually have them once every couple of months. I will look at my skin an cry about how I have let it run my life an have shied away from things because of it. I always tell people you need to find the good in everything but sometimes it can be hard to maintain that attitude when it comes to yourself. I have suffered from Acne since I was 15 years old...I am 24 now. My Acne for the most part is under control which I am thankful for, its the scars an blotchy skin
  11. Well I guess its one of those things were your flaws jump out more to you than anyone else it kind of actually makes me feel a little better that you all think their is nothing wrong =x
  12. Ok I have been suffering from ACNE for about 8-9 years now, I have had my fair share of ups an downs an made plenty of mistakes along the way. One of the biggest mistakes I made growing up trying to fight my acne was tanning, it made the redness go away an evened out my skin tone however over the years I realized I was doing more harm than good but the damage had already been done. For the past year or so I have gotten my oily skin under control an I did not breakout at all really. However when