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  1. All that fruit can do it. Try to keep your diet more balanced. Bananas are good for you but too much of anything isn't good.
  2. Yes, don't put anything like that on your face while on accutane. It's actually counter-productive to try to treat individual pimples while on accutane, because all you're really doing is holding them at bay, the crap is still in your face, and Accutane is trying to push it all out, don't interfere. You're face is going to get really broken out for a couple months but it's completely neccessary, you probably have hundreds of clogged pores(potential pimples) in your face right now and accutane is
  3. When I first went to my dermatologist to inquire about accutane, I asked her about all of these possible side effects. She said she currently had 46 patients on accutane, and that every one of them was doing great, and none had anything more than chapped lips for side effects. That's reality. The internet is not. Everything you mentioned I've heard as a warning on pretty much every medication commercial I've ever seen. Any medication can mess a person up if that person has a bad reaction. Bu
  4. Making posts like that though makes people on here think that all of those horrible things are the norm, and they aren't. Most people that go on accutane don't have any worse of an experience than I did. And the thing I want everyone to realize is that people come on this website and post things online because they're having a problem, not because everything is great. The majority of the people on this site that go on accutane probably never post here again because their skin in clear and th
  5. Awesome news man. I too just finished my five month course of accutane. The purging was tough, but neccessary. My pores are all emptied out now and my skin is completely clear. I'm ten years older than you and I wish I went on it when I was your age. The last ten years of my life would have been a lot better.
  6. I had an initial blood test, and one a month after starting accutance to compare. Everything was fine so I never had to get another one.
  7. Everything is poison. Fried chicken is poison. Alcohol is poison. Accutance fixed my skin the way nothing else ever could. The side effects were barely noticable. Accutance was the best decision I've ever made. I'm honestly bitter against all of the people who warned me against it all these years, because I could have had clear skin a lot sooner if I wasn't hesitating for no reason.
  8. I finished my five month course of 60mg per day about 2 months ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. I had moderate acne for 10 years and nothing ever worked. Even when it seemed like my skin was "clearing up," it never really was, I still had hundreds of clogged pores just waiting to surface. But the accutane has actually cleared my skin, the way nothing else ever could. All of my pores are cleaned out and empty, I have normal skin now. I can't get pimples because there is nothing in
  9. My ice pick scars pretty much go away on their own after a while. Takes a long time though.
  10. As long as your oil production has stopped, it's working and you will be clear. It just takes a while for all of the crap in your pores to come out. You could have had hundreds of clogged pores before starting accutane, and that stuff doesn't just disappear, it has to come out. Unfortunately it tends to turn into pimples on the way out. I had mild/moderate acne before starting accutane and broke out terribly for the first 3 and a half months. Then all of a sudden, the last of my clogged pores ha
  11. Accutane doesn't give you clogged pores. No matter how much dead skin there is, it's not going to clog without sebum. If accutane gave you clogged pores it wouldn't work, since acne is the result of clogged pores. The bumps you are noticing have always been there. Accutane thins your skin while at the same time pushing all the crap out, so stuff that you didn't even know was in your pores (the stuff that eventually turns into active pimples) can very quicky come closer to the surface and become
  12. A lot of poeple seem to have good results taking one 20mg pill once a week, after they finish their full course of accutane, to keep the acne from coming back.
  13. I'm on day 39 and am basically in the same boat as you. After about 2 weeks I had a really bad initial breakout, it went away mostly, came back a little, went away, now it's back pretty bad, but seems to be going away again. I don't think it really ends until every clogged pore is out.
  14. The only reason it could be considered a myth is because there is no scientific proof as to why it happens. That being said, there is also so scientific proof as to why accutane works. But the fact is, it does happen. The shit just comes out and unfortunately a lot of it gets infected and turns into pimples along the way.