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  1. cleansers with 2% SA (which is like all of them) all have turned my face red .... but i guess i'll try that, but i've never heard of that brand, is it american ?
  2. ok i used biore self heating blackhead cleanser b/c i have blackheads on my nose ( i only put it on my nose, not the rest of my face) & it cleared it up at first but then it gave me like a million more blackheads...it's 2% salicylic acid i believe why did that happen ? aghhh
  3. ok it seems like all the acne creams in the drug store are 10% bp b/c everyone wants to nuke their face where the hell do i find 2.5% bp ???? or even 5% ??? all i can find is 10%
  4. ok what acne creams are there that dont have benzoyl peroxide in them?
  5. uhmm well im not sure what you mean but when i have a zit, once it comes to a head i take the tip of with a tweezer and squeeze out all the gunk
  6. well i go to a public school but i live in orange county and im sure you've seen the t.v. shows lol so it's a pretty affluent area.... but when i was a kid i lived in a not as affluent area and i saw a lot more acne so yeah i thought that could have something to do with it but i wasnt sure
  7. ok i've heard of putting urine on your face for pimples but does it work for blackheads too?? and those of you who think it's gross get over it!!!!
  8. it seems like all the bp creams in the drug store are "maximum strength" (aka 10%) but i guess i should use that so it wont bleach my skin... :( my skin looks all weird now
  9. or will it work forever for me ??? i've been using it for 4 years and i dont know what i'll do if it stops working b/c nothing else works
  10. EWWWWWWW!!!! ok i want to try it but that is SO GROSS, does it leave a stench ?
  11. it seems like when i was a kid i saw people with acne a lot more
  12. wow!!!!! thats amazing!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!
  13. ok it seems like most people at my school has perfect skin (im in high school)