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  1. any help? anyone had surgery, stitches and then tried any sort of scar revision with help aiding the redness? thank you!!
  2. check it out... http://skincarerx.com/acne-scarring.html?x=44.0.99
  3. I got 5 small stiches put in ABOVE my lip where a mustache would grow. It has healed well...but I want to put some scar remover creams on it to heal it even more. I just need to know when a scar is a scar. My skin is still pretty pink and I just dont know when to start applying meds and stopping the neosporin. Stitches were taken out a week ago. Anyone??
  4. You know after stitches there will be a line where the two pieces of skin meet.... was wondering if anyone has any experince with making the skin look smooth again? Thank you
  5. Also, the cut is above my lip...not on my lip.
  6. Can/should I use vit E on the wound after stictches are out??
  7. I cut my lip the other day at 2 in them morning...went to the ER to have 5 small stitches put in. The Dr. actually did a good job and now I have the wound covered in neosporin ointment. I get them removed in 3 days and was wondering if I should use vitamin E on the cut and or something? Any suggestions? I may go back to see a Dr to have it smoothed out if I have to/peeled etc.... Thank you!
  8. I just recieved a box from Richard with the face bar and a FREE bottle of 302 drops! Nice guy!!
  9. Just wanted to know if my batch is a good one. Thanks. The boost and drops look very similar to each other in the vials.
  10. Like using the drops and boost at night but using proactiv in the morning and during the day? Is this allowable? Thanks!
  11. I want to know what occurs if you wash your face with a normal face wash before 302 drop use. Also, what does the A boost help with in the process? Thanks!