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  1. Hello all, I have just finished my first course of Isotretinoin (Isotane). I remember when I was first considering Iso, I found it hard to find other people's experiences on a similar dosage to me (20mg p/day). After hearing so many horror stories about Iso, it was pretty scary going into the unknown... So I thought I would post a brief summary of my experience with Iso for those out there freaking out! I'm 20 now, and had moderate inflammatory acne since about 14 or 15 years of age. Anti
  2. Hey, me too! I have ten pills left of month five. And I'm still getting pimples all the time! And they are really red, and on my cheeks where I never used to get them. And my face stopped bein at all oily after the first month, which was great.. In fact it's quite dry now. But I'm just wondering when this madness will stop and stupid accutane will finally deliver. I'm supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow but can only think raaarrrrrr stupid accutane I hate you!! As far as I know I do
  3. Oh man, breakfast is such a dilemma! I'm in the same boat as you kc01! Cutting dairy completely, my usual breakfast used to be porridge made with milk. When I had that everyday for a week a had crazy chin breakouts. And porridge with water is ick... So I moved on to cereal with yoghurt and fruit or nuts. Favourite breakfast ever, so tasty! Except I reckon yoghurt isn't going down too well either, hence decision to cut dairy in all its forms. Now I don't know what to have for breakfast-and I
  4. I reckon stress could be a factor, for sure. I've been under lots of uni/flat situation stress lately and was suspecting maybe that could be the culprit... Because apart from random breakouts, my skin texture has improved heaps since I first started my course, so the accutane is defintely working. Hard to isolate what is going on though. Was thinking maybe all the crap I put on my face is doing it, or my diet, or lack of sleep, or make-up??? Who knows. I decided to cover all my bases: only usi
  5. I feel your pain! My status: Day 95, skin is same as when first started except not oily at all. Sometimes I have pretty good skin for maybe a few days then it all goes to hell again, so much for being clear by month 3. It's so frustrating, I thought Isotretinoin was the Holy Grail of acne meds but now it feels like things are never going to get better! I think the standard course is 4 months. But my derm says I'll be on it until I've had one month with no spots at all. So..... probably be on i
  6. As far i know, dosage depends on: severity of condition, your weight, and what derm you go to. I'm probably mild-moderate and have been taking 20mg/day for over 3 month now. I didn't get an IB, but it's taking bloody ages for the promised results of perfect skin to arrive!! It's so frustrating! But I'd say best to go for a low dose unless you have severe acne because the side effects are really no fun. And I got a fair few even being on 20mgs.
  7. Ayn Rand is such an amazing and inspiring woman! I'm a huge fan of her and her ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed We Are the Living, and am currently reading Atlas Shrugged. Apparently Atlas Shrugged is to be made into a film. Starring Angelina Jolie. Errrrrrr
  8. Haha guys don't worry you aren't gonna see me staggering round drinking out of a bottle in a brown paper bag; didn't mean to imply I have some kind of problem, or drown my emotional sorrows in alcohol! Just live with a bunch of students so drinking is usually a regular fixture during the week. Thanks for the lecture anyway MostExtreme. Way to spread the word. I haven't noticed any extra adverse effects from alcohol during my course of accutane, so think it varies between people. But I like my
  9. Hi all, I've been taking accutane for nearly 3 months now (20mgs/day) and drink quite alot. IN fact im hungover right now. arrgh. Am wondering what the deal is with alcohol and accutane. My derm never mentioned it, but I was concerned so ended up asking the nurse there who said that alcohol only reduced the efficacy of accutane because they are both processed by the liver. So she said it's all good if I take my pill in the morning if am planning on drinking alcohol at night. Except i read on