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  1. I have a cyst acne on the center of my face that is really large and it keeps popping and i would have to wipe off the nasty puss... I am not trying to squeeze it because i do not want any scars but this is too much, it will not go away and it fills up with puss right after it pops by it self... Should i try to squeeze it as hard as i can? What can i do to reduce this inflammation!?
  2. Little more than 3 month, and still breaking out like crazy... I hope our IBs stop... I'm on 100mg's.
  3. I also have the joint cracking. It's freaking scary when benching.
  4. Hang in there... I'm in the same boat as you. We can get through this!
  5. I want to be able to go out with a clear face for once... When I touch my face, I want to feel smooth skin... I want to get complements on my skin like the old days... I want to wipe my face without pain... I want to regain my confidence... I want this disease to stop...
  6. This person knows what his talking about. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hair curly? I can't wait! My hair is too straight... Accutane is killing 2 birds with 1 stone for me right now!
  8. Started on around 2 weeks and still going... I am into my 2nd month and its still going and I hate it.
  9. I bodybuild and I am taking 3-4 scoops of whey a day... Mine also started when I started weightlifting... I see a pattern... I'm on accutane right now and am still taking protein shakes... We will see how it goes.
  10. I been sweating alot also... I am on my second month and the amount of sweat compared before taking accutane in the gym is tremendous. By the end of my workout I am soaked and I never sweat that much before... It sucks but if it helps my acne I don't care. I don't think there isn't any way to stop the excessive sweating until time goes by... Just stay cool and avoid the sun I guess.
  11. After my 1st month, all my black head is now gone. My nose seems less oily as well...
  12. Wow thats a good improvement... I'm on my 2nd month right now and all I see is my skin worsening... It sucks...
  13. Wow I am in the exact situation as you. I have a big cyst right between my eyebrows that is really noticeable. I hate it. My best bet is to just leave it alone because for me, putting more stuff on it just made it more visible because it made it redder. I am praying it won't come back again because mine is almost gone... I know how you feel though it sucks!