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  1. You dont have it too bad, so why complain.
  2. This thread doesnt really help imo. Your looking at mostly celebrities that have minor acne(a few small spots). There's a crapload of people on this shit that have it much worse, and when they look at the pictures of celebs with minor acne compared to theirs it will only make them more upset.
  3. I feel for you. I dont have it as bad as you, but it can be a hassle. You look beautiful too, so dont be down.
  4. Stupid thread is stupid. Should be locked. Has mild scarring not severe.
  5. Perhaps leaving them alone(putting nothing on them) can bring them down? I had a major breakout late October 2008, and decided to not use anything else on my skin at that time. All I did was shower, made sure the warm(not hot) water hit my face, came out and rinsed with cold water and minutes later iced my whole face with ice. Sure I have some scars still, but alot of the redness has subsided from my face and I rarely actually breakout anymore at all. I will get the odd one here and there but c
  6. I suggest stop using everything till you see a doctor. Perhaps letting your skin breath is the best thing for you. I had a breakout in October(not as bad as yours) and I had stopped using everything and it looks millions times better. Lately Ive been putting Bio Oil on too though. Remove everything, drink loads of water, and eat healthy.
  7. I know what you mean. I can look good in some mirrors but crap in others. Camera makes me look somewhat ok too. Im in the stage like you, although I dont have it as bad as you. The red marks are stubborn. Not sure what to do to get rid of them either.
  8. So are you going to do anything for the scarring? I mean in time some will fade away, but just wanted to know.
  9. I unno, the mirror/lighting at my house just makes me look bad when Im close up to it, but when Im far back it's not as bad. I unno it sucks monkey balls.
  10. Whenever I look into one mirror, Im depicted at looking rather good, but when I look into a different mirror it shows me skin as looking bad. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Like I could go my gf's and look in her mirror and I look great but at my place I look like shit. Its kinda annoying.