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  1. yeah make sure you def wash in GENTLY...even after like several days if it comes to a head. there's no need to open it up and irritate it again.
  2. redness never really went away for me on the regimen either. it diminished some i guess as time went on but not so much. all i can suggest is that you use less or spot treat and only hit the other parts with either day or night or every other day . something to make it as were your not applyinng so much or wait a few more weeks and see what happens. 1 month is still early believe it or not. the admins have the best info on the regimen and dan's products.
  3. lol, well i wouldn't do any peels until you are acne free. meaning nothing but redmarks left. i assume that's why you want to do a peel. becasue the peel itself will not help with any active acne and can cause even more break outs to acne prone skin. i was on the regimen as well. not anymore but i have nothing but a couple active's and a bunch of stubborn redmarks left. so i would make sure your skin is under control before you do one. and be prepared your face won't look so good for a fe
  4. stick with the bp. 10 percent is probably way to strong. you might want to try 2.5 or 5% you still get red but it's SOMEWHAT manageable. sa will help with blackheads and mild redmarks not active acne...that's pretty much it imo.
  5. i personally don't use a face wash with medication in it. i use cetaphil for oily skin gentle cleanser. dan's face wash is similiar. also i don't think it's a bad idea to exfoliate with banking soda once a week or every five days even if you use bha or aha. if you do a peel with aha it's different. some peels say to use banking soda while taking the peel off but thats to much for my skin i just wash the peel off with my face wash.
  6. Hey guys i was wondering if any of you have used or like using Salicylic Acid and if it has helped your red marks. i've been using it for like three days. any info or reviews would be awesome thanks. Salicylic Acid & Acne - WHAT IT IS Salicylic acid is a mild acid that works as a keratolytic agent — it encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells. It’s a safe, effective treatment for mild acne, oily skin, textural changes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in patients of most s
  7. YES i've had the same problem. i haven't been able to find any info on that either. zeno has left a red mark on every one of my zits. i had clear skin and then had a severe breakout do to hormones and an infection. but i used the zeno and in the begining i was pushing down on it to hard and i think i was using it to aggresively and making more zits pop up close to the area. then i realized well maybe i should just rest it on the zit lightly still left brutal redmarks. anyway i hate zeno i
  8. the one i've used you just put some of the acid on a cotton ball and aplly and think you can use your finger tips as well and just dab it on your not suppose to rub it in and wait several minutes and wash it off. it should come with specific directions.
  9. i'm ready to say F it and do both. I've been doing lactic peels i'm about to do my 4th tonight. i don't understand why people say it isn't safe as long as you follow the directions and stay in the mirror while your doing the peel nothing can really happen in my opinion. my skin has not been affcted in the least by the peel. i had MUCH more irritation with BP. but i don't think these peels are doing it. they do help but the marks are still significant. Lactic is the mildest out of them al
  10. let me just start by saying not much is worse than red marks...because they won't go away. i litteraly have 2 active blemishes on my face and it looks like i have severe acne all because of these red marks. mostly all on my cheeks a few near my chin. a couple of them are almost the size of an eraser on a pencil. my complexion is taking a beating. i've been doing lactic acid peels and they've been helping i think i'm going to bump up the intesity and get a glycolic peel or something. when i