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  1. cool beans! I wasn't able to gain weight and get clear skin until I rid my body of unwanted organisms. hope this helps u.
  2. ok, u need to find the "are u underweight" forum where I discuss acne as it is related to intestinal parasites and worms. ur symptoms are genuine parasite symptoms, especially if u also suffer form skin problems. do u have diarrhea frequently? the forum is under nutrition/holistic health, we have an ongoing discussion there related to ur topic that might interest u. u said u have trouble sleeping because of abdominal discomfort. due u also suffer from an itchy rectum at any time during the d
  3. ya, ask to be tested for intestinal parasites. he's gonna go over all of ur signs and symptoms, basic stuff any good doctor will do. fortunately I had taken that liquid tincture that kills most of em, Parasite, which really shook up the parasites in my colon, though doesn't kill all forms. this really helped the lab detect the parasites because most times when u have a bowel movement there will be little detectable evidence of parasites because they're not gonna leave u willingly. I had take
  4. If anyone here actually goes to be tested, which I recommend if u have any signs or symptoms, and test postive, it would be awesome to get some feed back on ur results. No, i'm not trying to sell anything, just make people healthier and thus happier. why would I tell people to go their doctor's to be tested to sell something? I only suggested that one product because it I used it with good results before I went to my docs. but its important to get real medical attention which i did and begi
  5. I've hadn't had one breakout since I cleaned myself out. I was consistently having mild flare ups my entire accutane cycle and couldn't fugure out why. When I went to be tested and found out that I did have parasites, I was prescribed flagyl 500mg for ten days. the 1st three days it seemed as the parasites died, I developed this wierd pimple looking thing under my eye that quickly became black and blue, like I was soccer punched in the friggin face. then bam, all clear. I've also began taki
  6. hey man, read ur post. definetley talk to ur doc, but I had to completely stop all meds prior to taking tane. If ur worried about an IB, u may want to take them the first few weeks. If the antiboitics aren't as effective now, I'd recommend just taking the tane and discontinuing the other stuff. Due to the nature of antibiotics, bacteria acutally developes a resistence to them, thus having to take more to be as effective. I would never recommend anyone taking those pills longer than 10 days
  7. this is ridiculous, like explaining the internet to a retarded chimp. I like necro's point of view of eating to maintain the body's needs, and I'm happy I made u laugh, yet no one is willing to accept the real possibility of parasites or worms. animals are frequently getting infected with parasites, sure they may eat their own feces, but parasites are literally everywhere, and humans are susceptible to thousands of species of parasitic creatures. again, retartded chimps, take it one letter at
  8. obviously, no one is reading my post. again, there is a connection! the most likely reason the majority of u are underweight and have trouble gaining weight is that u have parasites living inside of u. they survive off of what u eat, thus u have to eat more, and for this reason u will not gain weight. my skin didn't clear until i got rid of the parasites. I first went to the doc's office to get tested and once I found out the results that I did in fact carry parasites, I began a medication
  9. Wow, there is a definite connection and I will tell u all. An unknown, yet major contributor to being underweight, especially if u eat alot of food, is due to parasites. A major sign of a parasite infection is acne or other skin disorders due to toxins and free radicals they release into ur bloodstream. Other common signs and symptoms include cramps, constipation, diarrhea, joint pain, the list goes on. I had been underweight with acne for 2 yrs and couldn't ever figure out why I developed a