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  1. one thing that i learned not too long ago was that what may look like flaking skin might actually be dry BP gel. when you apply BP on your face, not all of it absorbs in your skin, and a solid flaky residue is left behind. Initially, i thought this was actual skin, and i was astonished and afraid that my face was peeling completely off. But after i while i noticed that this only came from places i applied the bp gel on, and i found that i could easily just rub it off when i wash my face. Thi
  2. looks like you've got a lot to learn from the acne vets judging by what you said, your condition sounds very mild. some benzoyl peroxide will clear you right up.... preferably Dan's BP gel. the cleansers suggested by dan are the ones to get, and also with the moisturizers. and about the scarring, well you don't need to worry about that. your condition isn't bad enough to leave permenant scars..... usually only cysts (huge red bumps that are as big as the tip of your finger) will give yo
  3. hah i've been having this problem myself. Thing is when i go swimming or something my face is completely white with white flaky stuff.. at first i thought it was skin but now i understand what it really is.. thanks a lot demigod! but i still don't like it... does anyone know of an effective way to remove this flaking without irritating your skin? maybe something that exfoliates?
  4. As far as BP is concerned, you sort of have to find out how much of it you should apply to your face yourself. Different people have different tolerance levels. The same goes on determining whether you should apply it twice a day or not. The moisturizing part is important, though. If you go long enough applying BP but not moisturizing, theres a possibility of damaging your face. I've heard of people who find later on that their face is extremely dry and they are forced to use moisturizer da
  5. That's very weird! Man if only that would happen with my acne
  6. I'd throw out the astrigent.. i hate that stuff. i was using some popular brand like a year ago... when my face was REALLY bad. i decided to experiment to see if the astrigent contributed to my acne by going over a distinct path of my face ( a big circle around my cheek) 2 weeks later i had this big ring of acne and i was like wtf.... i quit that stuff and my acne got a lot better like 3 weeks later. It contained alcohol and it hurt like a bitch to apply, not to mention redness. =\
  7. You know the tip bone of your index finger? i use that much for my left, and the same amount for my right. It takes years to rub in even with that... but it really seems to be working. I don't want to be putting too much for fear of drying myself out and damaging and all that mess
  8. I've been on Dan's regimen for 1 month now. I'm so excited about my progress so far that i've decided to share my experience with the regimen, and how i went about it. Initially, i had moderate acne all over my cheeks and chin... very noticable lesions but not quite cystic... I also had my cheek area covered with red marks.. so it looked like i had sort of rosy cheeks.. (not good being a guy) and that was really embarrassing. Week 1: I started the first week with only BP gel and cetaphil gent
  9. I gave into the Proactive hype myself.. it didn't work for me after 2 months. If anything, it made my acne worse. It was a hassle having to deal with three different things like that too... all that for $50 per month! now that i've been on the regimen i've seen MUCH more results in less time.. i feel very confident that this is actually what will work for me.. give it another month and i see myself clear Dan's regimen > Proactive
  10. i've been on Dan's regimen for about three weeks. I use cetaphil cleansing bar, bp gel, and then cetaphil moisturizer spf 15. I've noticed that the moisturizer i use gets my face very oily. Well lately i've been having a break out on my face, (after good progress initially) and i began to suspect that the moisturizer was breaking my face out. so last night i decided not to put any and see what happens. this morning i found absolutley no new pimples formed, and my face is a lot less red.
  11. it's been about a year and a half since i last used BP.... when i started up on dan's BP. i only experienced irritation for a few days. When i did have irritation, i just reduced the dose significantly. i would suggest that you put on a moderate amount on.. and if you experience too much irritation just lower the dosage either that or only use it at night
  12. Cetaphil cleanser bar... been using that for about a year, but i only started the regimen about a week ago. Great cleanser, my face has not flaked much even with the BP.
  13. Its cool to see how acne has created the same feelings among such a diverse group of people. Mushrooms merely stated what the general feelings are.. i mean i can relate to the classic enjoyment of popping a pimple, and feelings of achievement (like in school) and how having acne makes me less judgemental. Genius, Mushrooms.. it's good to always look at the positive sides.. you feel a lot better about yourself, no matter how bad your condition may be.