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  1. When I ordered my aha it only took a few days, but when I first ordered my BP it took 2 weeks! After several emails back and forth they told me thought they'd routed it incorrectly (???) but it finally got here. Annoying though.
  2. I just switched this week from on the spot to the BP gel....I love the consistency, I love that it doesn't leave my skin powdery/white...... BUT it dries with the most annoying sheen!!! As soon as it dries on my skin, it's super slick and shiny....not oily at all, just shiny. But then later in the day as my forehead starts to get oily, the oil is much harder to blot off than it was with OTS. I have been searching for reviews about this all day and so far haven't read about any one else complain
  3. Just curious. I've been using it for a little over a week and have had no redness, peeling, stinging....anything. Is everyone *supposed* to experience the irritation or can it be successful without it, anyone know? Just wondering if perhaps I need a higher strength or if my skin has just been "toughened up" by years of BP use. Thanks!
  4. I have had good success with the BP regimen, along with erythromycin gel but the derm gave me a rx for retin a to try to help with the clogged pores I'm still prone to.....so now I'm using the retin a every other night. Anyway, does it matter whether I apply the erthro first, or the retin a? ANyone know if it matters at all? Thanks!
  5. Talked to my derm. yesterday re: the clogged pores and fine lines that have been my nemesis lately. She suggested I add a low strength retina-a to what I'm already doing (0.025%). Now -- I love my BP and don't want to give it up, but I understand that it can't be used at the same time as the retin-a. Does it matter if I wait 30 minutes in between, or will it still be no good? So, my thought is: use the BP every morning and every other night, then use the retin-a on alternate nights. Does
  6. From what I understand, using tretinoin (retin-a) with BP will deactivate each other.........but using an AHA and bp together is OK? Thanks!
  7. It doesn't say on the package -- however, their website claims it won't "cause blackheads". Just curious. I have a super-oily t-zone and the OC8 layered over MOM works really well to keep me matte but this morning I have a teeny red bump on my forehead (which is unusual for me as I don't usually get clogged pores on my forehead). While it isn't bad, I just wonder if it was caused by the oc8 as that was the only part of my face I was using it on. I've heard that the monistat gel makes some pe
  8. My skin is generally clear from BP but I do get occasional clogged/enlarged pores. And they are persistent -- they usually stick around for several weeks once I get one. Anyway, I've been reading about AHAs and wonder if I should add one. My skin is generally very oily and I only spot-moisturize the dry areas so I am hesitant to use an AHA that is a heavy moisturizer. Not only for the oil factor, but even though I can usually keep my breakouts at bay, my skin is still very acne prone. I