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  1. i have serve acne and i broke out so bad, omg..... was afraid to go anywhere. I am on month 2 now.
  2. I gotta say this product is starting to show some improvement on my face but my chesta dn back acen still remains so hopefully the new dose will kill it.
  3. if it gets worse you might have to go on it again, it happens to people is what my dermo. told me.
  4. Just thought i would prepare myself to see whats to come from this powerful drug. I was on 80 everyother day and 60 the other days and the next 10 days is 40 till i get a refill. I have the dry face and lips. What should i expect from here on out.
  5. It happens, some people have to go on it 2 or 3 times or ur cured after the first time. I just started it 3 weeks ago. Its what my demor. told me
  6. Luisam


    Have been on Accutane for 3 days hoping my acne will improve.
  7. Luisam

    Scars or not?

    Are these scars or will they fade in a year or so? What topical is the best to use?
  8. I am the same way, had Acne since the 8th grade and it made my life hell, i have my senior year left and i am about to go on Accutane. I hope it helps, what side effects have you had?