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  1. my face broke out the first week on this regimen too , and my semi severe acne is now clearing up 3 weeks in.
  2. I would say use nuetragena on the spot and see what happens.... i swear my skin is clearering up and omg i had severe borderline acne that had me so down... i had always used bp and all different kinds of stuff so i didnt expect it to work but following the strict formula really helped idk just mabe try and see if the nuetragena clears u up again then u would know what the problem is.
  3. i honesty think accutane will clear ur skin up to being managable in 2 months or less. You seem like the perfect fit for it as ur acne isnt to the point were it will leave horrible scars or what not. Ive had many friends that had a little worse acne then you and the same type and it cleared them in no time. Accutane works on a high percentage of people and i dont see u being in the low percent it doesnt work on. I just have a good feeling it works on you. Good luck hun.
  4. hey is there a possibility of an inital breakout a week and a half into the regimen? i heard dan in the video saying there isnt an ib but i am having one . opinions wanted plz
  5. i havent heard much of initial breakout on the regimen. My skin has gotten worse in the first week and few days is this rare? i mean the zits i get seem to dry out alot quicker but ive gotten more of them up to this point, whats the deal? thanks
  6. let me start by saying my skind doesnt get dry flakey or irritated at all no matter how much bp i use. I just started the regimen after kicking the adapalene gel to the curb after a few weeks or horrid breakouts. So i was wondering since my skin can handle basically anything can i use a bp wash insteaad of a gentle cleanser with the regimen? I would think if i washed gentley with a bp was it could work even better then a gentle cleanser? what do u think .
  7. r u seriously saying one pimple under ur lip is causing u to miiss school??? what kind of bs is that. you know there is such thing as coverup and ive covered huge blemishes that i got from picking at zits with a good concelar. Loreals true match is amazing and without it idk what i would do lol..
  8. dude just buy some bp or use ur prescription strength stuff. You think it really matters what strength bp you use? Of course dan saysss it does but trust me it does not. He is trying to make money selling his products just like anyone else and he will of course say whatever to make money. His method is more about being gentle applying the bp and to use a gentle face wash and moisturizer. Notice how he says to use 2.5 percent bp and what do u know its the hardest one to find over the counter
  9. u may get mad at me but u have no reason to be on accutane according to ur photos.... The possible effects of accutane are far greater than ur perfect skin occasionally getting a tiny red mark on it. Ur just a drama queen. Alot of people on here have horrible debilitating untreatable acne and ur posting ur log on the severe section of this. I mean im thankfull when i visit some of these severe acne threads i feel bad. U have really no right to be so shallow lol ... let the bitching BEGIN.. w
  10. yah exactly did he ever have bad acne ....... this makes no sense if he doesnt
  11. sorry lol I thought you were making fun of me on my post! didn't mean to sound rude! :) sorry

  12. ur complaining about a clogged pore and a new zit?????????????????????????/ think of how many people on here have scars and horrible acne. hehe
  13. Wouldnt that be classified as non inflamed acne?? idk how long have u had those for , cuz i remember a kid i know started off with those for a while and they all turned to inflamed pimples which did a number to him... Hopefully it is nothing big but its definatley somethnig u gotta investigate , get a dermatologists oppinion.
  14. i would def go on accutane . Ur acne seems pretty aggresive and since it only started 3 months ago who knows where the road ends... But not to discourage u but those clusters seem pretty vicious and i would get on accutane to prevent as much scarring as possile. Just my oppinion. DO not use so many products either. Plus when u wash ur face or apply anything , make sure u barley touch ur face. SA is garbage so stop using that. Use a 2.5 percent BP and wash gently.