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  1. Has anyone used any of the Herbal Logix products...the cleanser, moisturizer or the scar treatment? I am thinking of using them but would like some input from other users if possible... Thanks so much everyone!
  2. I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me 747...I still think I need some sort of moisturizer as my skin just feels a little tight and has minor surface drying and I do not want to upset the balance so much that I start producing more oil than I need! Problem is I cannot find one that works.
  3. The B5 did reduce the oil production in my skin...I also had very bad cyst like acne on my jawline -like peas underneath the skin -and within a month they were gone. Big thing with B5 for me was that it immediately changed the texture of my skin..refined the pores and made it smooth. I take a multi vitamin and drink a lot of water as well. I've tried EVERYTHING (look at my past posts) and this is the only thing that works for me.
  4. now for some reason I have gotten little bumps on my skin. I have not posted in a while but from my past posts you can see my horrible history of trying everything for my acne. I finally started to take B5 (10 G per day) for 3 months and I have had no futher massive breakouts at all and have been maintianing a B5 dose of 3 G per day. I use 2.5% BP at night only...for some reason I have gotten tiny little bumps on my skin that are definetely not zits. I have not changed anything in my rou
  5. Beleive it or not Dr. Zizmor....he listens and he will prescribe basically anything for you. I think his number is 212-594-7546.
  6. Thanks for all of the info. Is it OK to use B5 topically while using BP? I have been using the regimen for 1 month with good results, but not enough. I started taking 10 G of B5 last week and I can tell the difference in my skin already. I was just wondering if using some B5 topically would help even more. Thanks again everyone.
  7. I remember reading that the powder from a B5 capsule could be used topically? Could someone please tell me how to go about doing that? Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks Manchita...I will look for it. When my skin was perfect I used MAC, but now that it is a mess I am actually embarassed to go to the make-up counter to ask for things. Stupid, I know...but it is hard because they all have perfect skin. I will get the Prescriptives...as long as it is oil free and doesn't cause more breakouts...and does it stay put? Do you put it on prior to foundation or after? Thanks again for all your iput.
  9. I am sorry but I have to disagree...it all depends on the individual as I am proof of that. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years and now a vegan for 3...I have eaten nothing but whole unprocessed foods for all of this time...fruits, vegetables, whole grains...no sugar, no caffiene, no dairy...NOTHING. I drink only water and herbal tea. I have seen no impact on my skin whatsoever...prior to becoming a vegetarian I consumed meat, dairy, sugar, caffiene....everything. My skin has had acne then
  10. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good concealer...something that won't cake or smudge or has oil but something that will cover up these stupid annoying red marks that stick around for months and months? I use Zia foundation and it is great for overall coverage but does not have enough pigment to cover the red marks... Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks so much Maya. I have read about the Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil but I've always been too afraid to use it thinking it will give me an oil slick. I appreciate all of your help, I really do.
  12. I have read tons of info on B5 and it does sound promising...I am going to split it into 4 dosages per day. I've read some people claim that applying the BP will cancel out the effect of the B5...somehow I don't think that is possible. Does applying BP while on any internal presciption cancel out the effect of that? You read so many different opionions and experiences, it is hard to know what to believe. I just don't want to dry out my skin. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks Maya...I think I will give it a try. I'm a veggie so I'll take extra flax. I appreciate your input. Thanks again.
  14. I have been on the regimen for about 4 weeks and was considering taking B5 internally as well and was wondering if this could help or harm...I do not want to overdry my skin and have it turn into an oil slick in the long run to compensate for the dryness. HELP! Thanks.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the bacteria develops a resistance to the BP after a long period of time, as it does to the internal antibiotics...I have been on the regimen for 3 weeks now and have seen a 70% improvement in my skin and am worried that eventually the BP will lose its potency against the yucky acne bacteria. Also, I was wondering if anyone has used Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion...I was going to add it to my regimen as my evening moisturizer as it has some Glycolic Acid