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  1. yea and its even worse when the next day it happens again and the next day and the next day.
  2. Unfortunately i used differen gel and noticed the same things. a lot more white heads and not a lot improvement. This forced me to quit diferin after about 7 weeks and go back to dan's regimen. Differen may work good for some people but it made my skin worse.
  3. I am a male and i would rather see a girl without makeup who has acne.......then a girl who wears makeup to hide it.
  4. God hasn't done anything for me so why would i expect him to cure my face.
  5. Religion is just a way to pressure people to be a certain way. I am not an atheist... I'm spiritual.
  6. When you can no longer flirt due to self consciousness. When you ask your own mother if your an ugly person. When you leave your girlfriend not because of what she did, but cause you feel she's to good for you. When your depressed 24/7 and can only blame it on your skin.
  7. Life sucks......Then you die. Thats what it all comes down to.
  8. Dan I just ordered the AHA+ and since i live in San Fran it came in like one day. Amazing. I have tried it out and it keeps my break outs down much more. If i have a pimple and put it on, the next day it is much smaller. Thank you.
  9. Well geez i dono what to tell you......i mean its horrible. Just look at that ACNE! you need serious help i reccomend going on a very high dosage of accutane and avoiding public at all costs cause they might just tear you to pieces about that skin. God help you you poor poor child.
  10. That article did kinda freak me out to be honest. I am following Dan's Regimen strictly and precisely for about a month and a half now. My skin has very few break outs and all the rest are red marks that are beginning to fade. Its the only thing that seems to really be helping but Cancer? Tumors?? Animal testing???? SHIT! I dono what to do.
  11. I just ordered Dan's AHA+ so i'll probally be in the same boat in a few days, but i can't answer that exact question. Are you using BP at all 2?
  12. whether or not this site was designed for people of all acne types mild to severe.....i strongly agree with the first comment of iwanttobeacnefree. Its 2 bad he appologized because what he said was the truth. Its sad that someone who looks like you is posting pictures of your "Bad skin". Cause if you think that is bad?? or even average.... You need mental help. put in mind the people who wake up everyday contemplating killing themselves cause of the way their face looks. I hope you feel better n
  13. Turned me from a confident and happy person, to a bitter person avoider. Depressed, hurt, angry, and scared are the only feelings i feel.
  14. I have bigger things to worry about then which hairstyle suits you best. Like how to get up and face reality when really i feel like crawling into a dark hole and living there in peace for the rest of my life.