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  1. Go tanning. It will definately help you. It blends everything together
  2. Im a firefighter, so I say I used to get alot of kenalog shots for my work injuries, and they made my back break out bad. They actually did, I have a bad reaction to Kenalog, but I had bacne before. Girls dont seem to mind anyway. I never had one leave because of bacne, they just usually leave after I hit them. J/K! Seriously kidding
  3. I use the corner of a door. I know, gross, but it works
  4. I waxed my belly (I think its sexy furry......but the girls, not so much) for summer & the same thing happened to me. Its the result of tearing hair out of your skin, it pulls up other stuff from way down in the follicle. I was told that next time I do it, make sure to put antiseptic on it
  5. Head & shoulders will do you just fine. Not bad at all. Mine was 1000 times worse. Also, start taking zinc, selinium, vit E, NAC, Vit B5 and niacin. Acne should be treated from the inside also! It works
  6. Tea tree oil smells bad. Although when I go to Wal-Mart, I smell just like the elderly folks shoppin there. Head & Shoulders works GREAT!! I added AmLactin to my regimin, and all the sebum plugs just slide right out of the pores with zero pressure! Amazing!! I had one cum out today that was HUGE! I have no idea where this thing came from, and the pore was so big after it came out. It took a while to close back up, so I poured Sea Breeze in it to kill anything.
  7. Hello everyone! After trying everything on my bacne (BP, Keflex, Minocin, BP soaps, SA, etc), I stumbled across this invaluable website. Ive had TERRIBLE bacne for years. Funny thing, never had anything on my face (besides the occasional small zit). At one point, my back could have been a science project with all the carbuncles & furuncles. They connected to each other and by back was always pussing. Plus they HURT! I had to take vicodin sometimes for the pain. Anyway they went away s
  8. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is the best way to boost glutathione,