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  1. Hey - Im writing for advice on a cyst on my face. I attached pictures and really cont know what to do. I cant get a derm appointment until October 24, I tried to drain this today but its so deep nothing even came out, just some blood. My skin is usually okay beside blackheads. This cyst has been on my face and getting bigger for 2months now. I don't mind a scar as much as I just want it gone. I think the appearance of it may be because i went off Yaz birth control ( i now plan on starting it a
  2. Was wondering if anyone knew of a derm willing to prescribe spironolactone for my hormonal acne? I have some blackheads but get 2 quarter sized cyst a month, that then take 1-2 months to go away. I have tried two derms both who were not familiar with spironolactone and have given me topical that just cause my skin to peel. Thanks so much in advance.