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  1. I was only in the yearbook 7th,8th and 9th grade. Well mostly for the part that I didn't attend elementary school in America. In high school I only took my freshman picture because it wasn't mandatory for us to appear on the yearbook. Not only because of my acne but I just never really liked taking picture and wasn't really into school oriented stuff lol...
  2. Yeah^^ you gotta think about that too. I say go for it if you just want a quick hook up(I know I'm a dog) but if you're looking for a relationship I say stay away because like missyjean130 said, do you really want to be with a person that'll leave you for the next guy that sweeps her off her feet???...
  3. I say go for it, if you take her from him that means he was doing something wrong and wasn't satisfying her enough (not only physically) in the first place.
  4. Hope you had fun, yeah when you're drunk you pretty much forget about everything and just wanna have a good time..lol..
  5. I haven't been on this board for well over a year not because the acne is gone but because I don't know I guess I hadn't been depressed about my acne for a while; but lately it's been bugging me again. I can't say that my social life has been ruined by it because I still have friends, go out to parties almost every weekend, hook up with girls and pretty much live the life of a normal teenager.However, my self-esteem still kind of low because of the acne and scarring. I HATE looking in the mirror
  6. I hope you get a life. wow great comeback It wasn't a come back...I've read his posts, I actually hope he does get a life.
  7. man y'all just a bunch of depressed fucks quit fucking crying and bitchin already and get up and do something just cause you got acne don't mean the world is over I know it feels like it sometimes but damn quit being a bunch of whiney bitches.
  8. I know that I'm not here to tell you every detail about my personal but trust me THAT I know..and by the way I still have ance it's about to be 2 years..check my registration date.
  9. Yeah thank you haha...I mean finally after having acne for about 1 year things started looking up.
  10. I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, so I'm not cheating on anyone..and I think karma is on my side cause the girl that I'm messing around with right now her boyfriend cheated on her first...so...you know...plus it's not like I haven't been cheated on before..oh yeah and I'm 17. Also if you had a fine ass girl that wanted to fool around with you but she had a boyfriend can y'all honestly tell me you'd say no unless you're gay or something c'mon you ain't gotta pretend to be all pefect and sh
  11. I'm sorry if this is hard for some of you to believe..but just because you have acne it doesn't mean you have to be on the internet 24/7 ranting... and if you think I'm lying I could show you some pictures.
  12. Well damn I ain't been in this forum in a long time, don't know if anyone remembers me..but yeah I still have some acne and some barely noticable scars but I don't know...girls still seem to be attracted to me. I had this girlfriend at the beginning of the school year I'm not exaggerating or lying but she was one of the finest girls at school, A LOT of guys wanted to get with her...It was nice got LOTS of sex..then while I was going out with her me and one of my girl friends started making out a
  13. I was playing, I'm not trying to make myself look THAT stupid...
  14. shut your fucking mouth you fucking sensetive fuck, fuck off!