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  1. You have amazing eyes!

  2. i usually mix these oils with my moisturizer. i use the alba organic moisturizer. i found that olive and jojoba oils broke me out (despite being "non-comodogenic"). i usually use tea tree and lavender. occasionally geranium and clary sage as well.
  3. Your new avatar is cute

  4. you look somewhat similar to scarlett johanson. with a little self confidence, you could be stunning.
  5. eyebrow shaver?! might i suggest using tweezers instead?
  6. that used to happen to me. just make sure you keep the area clean. i used to wash it carefully a couple times a day and moisturize it often. other than that, you just have to be careful not to aggravate it and it will eventually go away on its own. you might also consider putting dabs of antibacterial ointment on it overnight to help it heal.
  7. thanks! apparently that concept is too hard for some people to grasp, but hey, i'm not the one eating that shit ;)
  8. a combination of birth control and accutane, really. the birth control made it manageable first, and then the accutane wiped it out completely. i'm sure if i were to stop the BC, it would come back.
  9. it causes the skin cells to shrink, or that's the way it was explained to me by a doctor. the effect of the steroid wears off after a while, though. the doctor that gave me the shot did NOT tell me this was a possibility. if i had known, i wouldn't have done it. it's not quite a scar, either. it's just tissue atrophy.
  10. i was clear for the first two months on accutane, and then had a bad breakout at month three. what you are experiencing is normal.
  11. i only have one scar on my face, and it's from when i went crazy and picked. not good..