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  1. My two cents on chin acne: - I'm male and this was my worst area too.. Probably not hormonal in my case but I do think it's a lot to do with the fact that the mouth is above it. I think oral hygiene - especially flossing is good approach to combine with whatever other treatments you're doing.
  2. Wow o.p I can empathize with you.. I've been where you are now with this.. My chin was the worst area too and I literally wanted a hole to open in the ground to swallow me up.. It's horrible. What can you do? It's hard to know because there are so many factors that can contribute to the problem and very few that help it very effectively - plus you could have any number of factors that are unique to you.. Docs are reluctant to prescribe accutane to all but the most severe or last ditch cases -
  3. @omegaisjaded is right. plus Moisturizing properly is really important! It was a huge factor in helping me contain my moderate acne as I also have super dry and very flaky skin. The La Roche stuff? It's nice and cool looking but 'm not convinced it's great value and it simply wasn't effective enough for my skin. I instead went for one designed specifically for very dry skin and now I moisturize morning and evening with it - I leave some on for at least two mins to allow it to absorb too which
  4. I agree with the OP. Drinking every single goddamn day is the absolute best way to clear skin. Later on, when you've grown out of acne, you just need to check into rehab, get a liver transplant and start attending regular AA meetings. Before you know it you'll be getting regular compliments on your beautiful skin from your ex-wife/husband, estranged children, fellow bums etc.. This is the ONLY way to go LOL
  5. I'm of the opinion that high doses of fruit sugar are definitely a huge contributor. Previous, better informed posters have made a very strong case for this and I've noticed it in my own experience aswell. That said, fruit is important for your health imho. What I do is eat whole fruit only (apples, bananas etc) - not a huge amount of them either, and avoid packaged foods that have fructose in them and packaged fruit juices. Read this : http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Fructose-...ri-t178851.h
  6. My only concerns would be the potential for irritation and that if you use them more than once they could pick up dirt and bacteria. If you are using a new one or every time then fine - but that could work out quite expensive no? That said, I think manual exfoliation is definitely a good way to go - that and proper moisturizing have helped me no end. I use the babybrush too.
  7. Go and have a great time - do your reg before you go out so you can relax- bring a few hidden supplies such as a little tube of neosporin or maybe even a little concealer if that's your thing. It's too important that you keep living your life. I have been like you - a few years back I was ridiculously austere and hard on myself. I do still take big precautions and have a very strict reg and lifestyle but now when I go out, I go out - I do a bit of preparation so I can let myself feel freer -
  8. I'm sure drugstore.com have all of the above - they do international shipping now if that's relevant... I can buy both of mine OTC in a little town in Ireland so I'm sure you should find them easily if you shop around :)
  9. I like both the Vaseline "Intensive Rescue Balm" and Yes to Cucumbers 'Facial Hydrating Lotion'. I've been using the previous one for a long time and I like it alot - latter is one I've been trying recently after someone here recommended it and it's very good (no parabens, SLS - all natural etc). I'd try either one of these.
  10. Hmmm that doesn't exactly inspire. Did they test this product or not? Also the ingredients list just reads like another roll-call of all those anecdotally effective supps like B5, zinc, garlic etc which we've all tried at one time or another often to no great effect. Sounds to me like a little cottage industry who've just jammed them all into one pill in a kind of "scattergun" approach based on all these traditionally used supps. Who knows? Maybe this particular combination will work... All I
  11. I have to highly recommend the Vaseline "Intensive Rescue" Relief and Repair balm. This is hands-down the best moisturizer I have ever used - and I've used an assload. Please also distinguish this from the other "moisture-locking lotion" one from the same range which I also tried but for some reason is much worse and balls up pretty badly. This is the exact one I'm referring to: http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/vaseline-in...lm_1_26203.html I cba listing all the ingredients but they do include a
  12. The chat is gone? I haven't posted in a while but I just logged on to comment on this. I wasn't a regular chatter but the few times I wandered in there I was always taken aback by the positive, inclusive and genuine community that was going on there. I feel terrible for the members who made the chat their "home". Sorry guys! I had a couple of thoughts about this tho: First the age thing. I'm a 34 year-old man and the couple times I wandered in there out of curiosity and I got chatting with
  13. Thanks for the consistently well written, informative posts databased. Hope you can stick around.