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  1. so its been 3 weeks after my last treatment and the results are really coming in, i would say my left side is 95% clear now. have my next treatment in a few weeks. ill update sometime around then.
  2. You see results after every treatment, the more treatments you get the more improvement. there are some areas where after having only one treatment all the redness is gone. The laser im talking about is the Cynergy laser, which is a type of Vbeam. i cant say how other lasers like IPL work but i dont think they are very effective. V beam is pretty much guaranteed to get rid of the redness. i spent years on these forums trying everything to get rid of the redness and was VERY depressed about it.
  3. hey everyone, well as the title says, i suffered from redness left over from acne for almost five years. Affected me really badly, and time never healed the redness. Last year i started Cynergy which is a pulse dye laser, ive had over 10 treatments and now can say that most if not all of the redness i had is now gone, and i have hardly any redness left. I have to say that without the treatment i would probably have had the same marks for another 20 years. I would say that lasers are probably one
  4. third treatment done yesterday, saw a difference after the second one. hope for even more improvement after this one
  5. had my second procedure done yesterday
  6. well thats pretty much what me and my laser doctor are doing now, just using a very high setting to get these marks off my face. i think my doctor is going to charge me about 78-120 CAD each time, cos im only doing one side of my face. next time im gonna start doing both sides so itll probably cost more. he said he prefers to do both sides at the same time so thats what we're going to be doing. im surpised u havent turned purple or black with ur treatment though, ur doctor cant be using a very h
  7. oh and btw, if ur on accutane i would NOT up the setting, u risk scarring ur skin. when u get off accutane have him laser the shit out of ur skin using a very high setting.
  8. Hi, um well my laser guy is pretty much one of the best in the area i live in, i live in the uk. He knows all about this shit pretty much. He used a pretty high setting on mine, so much so that my skin became purple, even black, it was very scabby and swollen, but its going down. I think u should ask ur guy to higher the setting, cynergy is pretty much like vbeam, and other people who are doing vbeam use high settings so that they go purple otherwise the results are not very good. the problem wi
  9. first day after the laser, not much to report, part of my face is very purple/black, seem to have a few scabs, should go away in about 5 days.
  10. hi guys, well im a 20 year old male whose basically had red marks from past acne for a few years now. Anyway, i just had cynergy laser down on one side of my face with a pretty high setting, so ill update this log and let people know how it goes. Ill have a laser treatment every month and ill update on here each time. cynergy is pretty much basically an upgraded version of vbeam, so ill post my results in here and let u guys know how it goes. there are alot of people who have had success with v
  11. I Had my teeth whitened using Zoom advanced power, and now use Crest whitestrips supreme. You can see a picture of my teeth at http://crestwhitestrips.co.uk/whitening/ im at the bottom of the page, or click on the ' I smile Blog' section at the top and u can click on the picture of my teeth to see it in bigger form. If you have any questions about whitening feel free to ask.
  12. Hey man? Did you start v-beam yet?

  13. u and me being the happiest guys in the world, hahaha, yeah man, ur right, we would be, and i think this year, the dreams gonna come TRUE. good luck to u my brother.
  14. btw man, we're 20 years old now, we aint gonna be young forever, u know what i mean? how many more oppurtunities u wanna miss over this when theres a good chance most of it will be gone by next year? im not living like this anymore, not being the awesome guy i was and i know i can be, so im getting it treated with a real treatment and if they are fixed or mostly fixed by next year, OH MY GOD, im ME, and im excited about life.
  15. yeah man a chat will be awesome. yeah i know what u mean, i cant say vbeam will get rid of it completely, but a 60% improvement is seriously possible with that laser man. the reviews are so good for it. the key is multiple treatments man so we'll have to see how it goes. ive suffered from ocd for like 4 years and ive almost beaten it cause now im strong enough to realise im not going to live with it anymore cause its also ruined my life. now its time for these marks, and once thats sorted, ill h