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  1. I don't think your skin is that bad..because I've seen alot worse!! Sure you may have scars, but there's a girl that goes to my school that looks like her cheeks are almost bleeding....Please don't feel bad about your skin.........because there almost always can be worse!! Just eat healthier and you could try not to makeup or creams on it. Because sometimes that can be the problem....your skin may just want a rest!! Hope this helps and good luck!!
  2. mildly severe......well thats what i think
  3. hmm...to me it looks like moderate, but im wondering what you would think of mine.... i have moderate body acne, and mildly moderate facial acne (well thats what i believe). you'd probably think its not even acne but in grade 6 its REALLY bad!!!!(cuz no one else has acne) Eat healthy and you'll be on your way to clear(er) skin!!!
  4. from here it looks like whiteheads/acne scars/red marks. have you tried not eating any junk food at all for 2 weeks?? well it worked for me. i had really bad acne and now im only down to a couple of zits.......same with my best friend!!
  5. hmm..it looks moderate, but its not to bad. there can be much worse than your case!
  6. isnt it abit mean to call people ugly?? i think everyone is beautiful deep inside..LoL
  7. Hello, I've probably got mildly moderate acne on my face, and maybe moderate acne on my shoulders. I've almost got nothing on my chest and back so thats good, but could anyone reccomend anything that will help me. Im 11 years old and ive got sensitive skin under my eyes and on my cheeks. And no, im not trying bp or accutine becuase the dermatologist told me not too. so far its not very severe but no one else in my class at school (im in grade 6) has acne!! its very embarassing, sometimes i just
  8. i've got exactly the same problem..and im not even a teen yet =O ive just got red spots ALL over my shoulders and im really embarassed of wearing singlets, leotards, bathers (that show the shoulders) and everything else that shows shoulders. of course, i am eating healthy and everything has slightly cleared up but bot fully. ive got a few spots on my chest, face but mostly they are on my shoulders.....PLEASE HELP!!! i really want them gone before the summer...i live in australia so summer is in
  9. well ive had pretty bad red marks, not AS bad as yours but close. i just started eating healthy and drinking alot of water and it all faded within a couple of days. try it out and hope it works for you!! !! good luck!!!!!!!
  10. Could it possibly have to do with diet or hormones? I'm mystified. Yes!!! But it really depends if you're going through puberty, if so then that may be the problem. And try not to eat many jusnk foods or oily/greasey foods. Hope it helps!!!
  11. If a person has really severe acne I would feel sorry for them. I myself, dont have severe acne and to see someone with that type of acne is really sad. But on the other hand, when I see someone with 1 or 2 pimples and I hear them complaining and hiding then that makes me feel...well...its hard to explain, but it makes me feel like saying shut up to them. I probably have moderate acne but for my age its pretty severe. What I do to keep it under control is eat healthy, 5 fruits & 5 veggies, a
  12. Definately dont use so many things on your face. I started using SOOOOO many things on my face and suddenly i just got a red face..it was that bad. Then those red marks cleared up after about 6 months, but worrying about something that isnt very bad can just make it worse. Because back then i had just my forehead covered in acne...and i had a frindge anyway. Now Ive got acne all over my face, shoulders and abit on my chest but the way i keep it under control is by eating healthy and exercising a
  13. I tried that already!! doctor told me too and nothing happened!! its just a waste of time for me