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  1. your skin isnt a person, you cant punish it and hope it will stop misbehaving. might be a cool experiment though.
  2. ew. but i think this can happen to any fruit. Looks like something was eating it from the inside out. Maybe its the store you are buying it from.
  3. The mind is such a powerful thing once you know how to use it and disregard all of the negative and ignorant thoughts. thank you for sharing this with us.
  4. "Ive seen some dorky dudes with money marry some seriously attractive women, no kidding, although these are just generalitys in the world every women has the ability to be different but this is generally how things will work, or at least how i have seen things work so even my experiance may not accuratly represent the reality but i think its a fairly good picture of the nature of things. " (quote thingy) oh and mellowfellow, stay clear of any girls that just want your money. There are girls out
  5. "Also women seem to be more prone to being submissive followers, they like it, just like men like domination and sports loud harleys and muscle cars, women tend to enjoy being submissive and led, so they look to you as their leader, their knight in shining armor so if they sense any fear in you they will get nervous because if they are looking to you for guidance and you are nervous then they think they are already fucked when an attacker comes by, its the result of years of evolution and i dont
  6. hey, i know this is about mellowfellow, but you guys giving him advicemakes it seem like its all about "getting laid." Men have so many tricks to get a girl to bed and its really making me sick hearing this. just my point of view, but maybe the reason that its hard for guys to "get laid" is because women are constatnly having to figure out whether a guy is sincere or not. MellowFellow, please work on yourself, it is so refreshing to hear a guy open up like that. Once you do that I know that you
  7. man i totally know where you are coming from. it has been a bit different for me though. i had a little kid ask me what was up with my face. Its really hard then because you cant blame them b/c they dont understand and then you also realize how bad it is because you know children are honest.
  8. wow, my life to a T(really), except my bf of 4 years left me when my acne got really bad. You should be really thankful that you have someone there for you.
  9. you guys should read "eating for beauty" i think the authors last name is "woulf"(sp?) It sounds like you have the right idea about cutting out the junk food but you have to keep everything in balance which is probably throwing you off. It basically talks about a raw foods diet (fruits and veggies) it really helped me out. -dlea
  10. i wouldnt order anything online, if the foundation or w/e you are trying to buy is not exactly the right color people will be able to tell. the best thing is to go to the store, it might be a lot of trial and error. oh and p.s., dont get anything with shimmer in it. unless you want it but it might be a giveaway that you are wearing foundation.
  11. p.s. oh and make sure you keep all hair products away from your face and wash your hands if you have been touching it. You will just be asking for a break out if you get it anywhere near your face. another technique to get it curley with out damaging it is the rag technique. Tear up pieces of an old rag and twist your hair in a spiral motion around it. I secure mine with an elastic and a small hair clip. Do this all over your head. (oh and make sure it is damp with moose) (not too damp) then s
  12. i wouldnt try only scrunching it if your hair is straight and likes to stay that way. My hair is the same way and it will only weigh down/damage your hair using all of those products. Brush your hair before you get into the shower after you get out of the shower just comb it through with your fingers (dont brush it again) and add curling moose. I put extra at the roots. Then, french braid your hair (make sure it is damp). I use3 braids because my hair is thick. then i go to bed and take them out
  13. all i can say is WOW! i tried the baking powder thing and the egg mask. I wanted to do the vinager but i didnt have any. My skin is so much smoother. I will be doing this everynight now, thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I dont seem to use all of the egg so i put the rest in my hair and let it set for 10 min. I just hate to waist anything. My hair is super glossy now, i am not sure if the lemon is good or bad for it yet. thanks again! -dlea
  14. Hi there, I know exactly how you feel. I have had mild-moderate acne for as long as i can remember. I started my first year of college about a year and a half ago. Since then I went above and beyond the freshmen 15 and gained 25. My acne is TERRIBLE now. I have never had it this bad, plus it is scarring which i never had a problem with before. I think it got really bad because of the weight gain and the extra stress. My boyfriend left me, a big reason was because i was so stressed about it anot