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  1. Day 1 after Sotret This is my first day off of my treatment. I cleared up about 2 months in and according to my Derm the accutane seemed to have worked. I surely hope it stays! I cannot say how happy I am with the results. I find myself staring at my skin in the mirror just amazed at it and trying to commit it to memory in case my acne ever comes back. I attached a un-photoshopped image from about 4 months in. Yay Accutane!
  2. Day 74 Nothing really new to report. I have been blemish free since September which is so awesome I could cry. I get complements on my skin and I actually leave the house without makeup on half the time. I do feel fatigued, my joints hurt, my nose bleeds constantly and I get paper cuts daily. (All things I can live with until January)
  3. I’m 29 and on the third month of treatment and my skin is clear for time in over 17 yrs. I hope it continues after treatment! My derm was also skeptical of its results due to my age, but I think he was just trying to con me out it. (His argument is that since I have already lived most my with it, what’s a few more years? *rolls eyes*) I have noticed that it is different for everyone, but I do like that 90% efficiency rating!
  4. I have done some light drinking on Accutane and all my blood tests have come back fine. Just take it easy!
  5. I'll jump in to answer this one. They will still make you wait, even if abstinence is one of your methods. I think the wait is so they can totally confirm that you are not pregnant. (For those that may have been sexually active the day of or shortly before the first blood test.) IPledge is super strict and seems to assume that any female "of child bearing age" is active even if they are not. Good luck with your accutane! I am on it too and it has already completely cleared my skin, it RE
  6. Day 56 I saw my derm this morning and he is still happy with my blood tests and says I will be on this about 5 months total, so hopefully in January I will be done. The severely dry patches on my face have cleared up, of course my skin is overall dry but it’s is no longer scaly and severely flaking. I am NEVER going to use Oil of Olay again! Overall skin update: My skin has 97% cleared up since pre-Sotret, I really cannot believe how smooth my skin is! Of course the large bumps are gone,
  7. Day 45 I still have clear skin on my face...yay! But I do still get large cysts on various parts of my upper body. For some odd reason I stopped losing eyelashes a few days ago, I can’t blame the biotin because I have not been actively taking it recently. This last week has been a learning experience: Sunday: I rode around in a motorcycle sidecar for most the day, about 3 hours. I used sunscreen and did not burn or tan but when I got home my skin felt very dry and I noticed deep creases near
  8. I have seen this question posted in the cosmetics section but the responses were minimal at best. Has anyone used Revitalash while on Accutane? And how were the results? I am already on a high dose biotin treatment which seems to not be helping much with my extreme eyelash loss. (I will not have any eyelashes within a couple weeks at this rate) Revitalash is super expensive but I will pay the money just to keep my eyelashes during my course. Any help would be most appreciated!
  9. I am VERY interested to know if anyone used this on Tane and how it worked. I plan to be ordering this very soon as taking biotin and other such things is not helping my rapid eyelash losing:( Sunrise I will keep you posted!
  10. Thank you! I started taking Biotin yesterday, I really hope it helps as I think I will be eyelash-less in a couple weeks. (If I keep losing them at this rate) I've yet to tell my Derm, I keep seeing a younger one (they rotate) and he seems to have no clue as to common accutane side effects. (I'm his first accutane patient) The older derm there that originally prescribed it to me is very knowledge though, perhaps I can ask the kid to go ask him (I think I am actually older than this doct
  11. From what I have experienced and read on these forums it is quite normal. I have had to carry extra "supplies" with me everyday as I never know what to expect!
  12. Day 33 The good: No more large blemishes on my face. I have very smooth areas on my face, bump free. The “plugged†white heads that were purging are coming out with some light (very light) scraping. The holes left behind from the clogged pores are slightly less noticeable as the days go on. The bad: I am losing my eyelashes Started out as one a week, now it is several. The holes (pores) left open in nose are pretty visible and my skin is very shiny (without oil) so the edges show very well
  13. WednesdayM


  14. Ouch! Careful with that sleepwalking, you might really hurt yourself someday! You should get little bed seat belts/straps. lol! Ya I’ve had a few headaches, the night thing was new though especially associated with the headache. It scared the crap out of my bf, he thought I was having a seizure of some sort. After sleeping next to me for 4 years I’ve never done such a thing!
  15. My dreams are normally vivid and in color so I can't say that there has been a difference in my dreams. Wow waking up laughing!? That actually sounds kind of fun:) Maybe you should record yourself while you sleep...whop knows what else you might do!