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  1. Just wanted to update. I switched out some products, again. Just trying to find what works for my skin. I don't take fish oil daily anymore. I tried it for three weeks and noticed a small breakout of inflamed pimples. I'm not sure if it's the fish oil, or the fact that it is a week before my period is supposed to start. But to be safe, I am going to limit my intake of fish oil to once every other day. I also started taking Vitamin D3 about a week ago and noticed that I have been feeling mu
  2. Bleh....bad news. I was trying an experiment where I went without zinc for a week, then I took it yesterday, and would you believe, I broke out in those weird small red pimples on my forehead again today. Just as it was clearing up too. I think my body is telling me I have enough zinc so I will stop taking it for good. At least now I know for sure... The brand I took is GNC Zinc (Gluconate) 30 mg. As always, one step forward, two steps back...ay....
  3. Ugh, this is the thing, I have also read that honey could clog pores too! I haven't heard much about using bananas topically though. Since trying to go the natural route, I didn't seem to get good results. Although there were other factors that might have tainted the "natural" experiment. I MAY give it another go, but mentally, I'm not ready for anything new and different just yet, TBH. I am waiting until my skin clears up before trying it again. And this time around, I will be much more aware o
  4. I'm sorry if I'm sounding redundant, but today I woke up to my former skin and I'm sooooooo excited (aside from red marks, which I know will fade with time)! I'm so grateful that my skin is finally retuning to normal (slowly, but surely). I can tell it's normal again because I use my forehead as an indicator. LOL, sounds silly but its true! I can tell when a product, topical or supplement wise, isn't working for me when I begin to break out on my forehead, since it's usually clear. And I'm happy
  5. YES! to the bolded. I have revamped my skincare routine at least 20 times over. I wanted to go the "natural" route and realized that natural, isn't always better. Right now, I am trying to find a happy medium where I can still use man-made chemicals, but be minimal about it. The biggest thing for me is finding products that have 6 or 7 ingredients listed instead of 20 unpronounceable ingredients! Also, I am trying to do less. Especially cutting down the use of my toner. I've always known it to b
  6. I received an email from vitacost about the effects of poor sleep. Here's what it said:
  7. Thanks for the advice. I really do wanna lower the BP to 2.5% and do it once a day. I hate the way 10% makes my skin feel, but the neutrogena on the spot doesn't seem as effective? I've thought about ordering Dan's, but I don't like having to constantly order and waiting for a package to arrive all the time. Id rather use a product where I can just run across the street to pick it up. I'll consider changing my face wash and check out the two you recommended, but I may not seeing that SA/BP c
  8. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I checked out the link and browsed through the products, but I noticed I wasn't able to find any of the ingredients?
  9. OK, so my skin is FINALLY starting to clear up. And I hope it continues in that direction. Looking back, I noticed I had made some diet changes since the start of the new year. Not sure why I let myself go but I started to eat things I knew aggravated my acne as a teenager (like milk + bread). I guess I needed to refresh my memory.... Some PERSONAL lessons learned: AVOID - STAY AWAY from topical Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, + Olive Oil (these all broke me out) - STAY AWAY from Queen Helene
  10. Ivey



    Not sure at this point -may cause hair loss -may cause more acne I was taking this while changing too many other things around; hard to tell whether certain effects were due to the zinc or not.
  11. OK, so I switched back to my old regimen and have been using BP for 8 weeks now and the pimples keep on coming. Granted, I am much clearer since I've stopped a few aggravating skin products, but not where I used to be. I started breaking out under my jaw, neck and along the hairline about two weeks ago. I have eliminated almost ALL products except my cleanser and BP and my usual shampoo and conditioner, which I have been using since July of '09. I stopped make-up and moisturizers; started cleani
  12. Witch Hazel Irritated My Skin

    Alcohol free Developed a rash Might work wonderfully for less sensitive skin types, so I recommend it. Personally, I may do away with toners in general. They cause me too much irritation for my skin type. :(
  13. I know how you feel. My face exploded when I tried a particular product for months and by the time I realized it was the culprit, it was too late and the damage has been done. I look at a mirror throughout the day like 30 times. Over and over. First, obsessing over the active acne, but now, the scars. I only look in secret most of the time. When I am with company, I try to sneak a look without them catching me. I keep reminding myself of the skin I used to have, which seems so silly that it w
  14. You know, I was doing some thinking after doing so much research about ingredients in facial products and I can't believe companies are able to make a product, claim false promises and cause people's beautiful faces to turn to CRAP. It's a crime! As my acne is starting to calm after eliminating the culprits, I am obsessing over the scarring factor. I am already noticing indentions in my skin, mostly on my cheeks. Something I have never had before!!!!! It is so depressing to go from normal to di