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  1. i dont get how to wash my face in the shower. Do you guys just let the water go on your face without touching or do you touch your face with the water. I noticed that my face is dry both ways so how do i fix this. Does it matter how many times the water goes on my face if so then how many times is good enough.
  2. im 5'7 and im 110 lbs. I think im normal. In the wii fit it say im normal.
  3. ughhh i give up masturbation i had a red bump and i mastrubated. I took a shower like oen hour later and after washing it turn to a whitehead. I also noticed a whitehead on my chin. For me its like immediate. I think its because in the morning my face is oily and i made it more oily and give me acne.
  4. it ruined my life im just not outgoing as i used to be
  5. for me i masturbated like when i was 8 years old and never got acne. Now im 16 and the day after i masturbate i see acne on my sideburns and on my cheek. I think masturbation causes me to breakout because everytime i do it i notice more acne. Its really bad. Masturbation often leads to excessive hormone production, which is the primary cause of acne. Very few teenagers who don't masturbate have acne.
  6. okay so i was using a stridex pad and then after i saw like these hairs on the pad. Is this good or bad. And does it matter the direction i use the pad. Because im afraid that it might cause ingrown hair which i think is ance. i had ingrown hair on my moustache because of shaving direction. but I dont know if it does that to the face. so if i see hair on the pad is this a sign or anything like ur gonna get more acne or less acne.
  7. I feel really good wwhen i see someone with acne cause i know im not the only one with acne makes me not be afraid.
  8. laugh by yourself sing A SONG SO LOUD THAT THE WORLD CAN HEAR YOU. Watch funny movies and GO CRAZY
  9. i hate it when people tell me to use toothpaste i mean like acne is not that easy . And when they tell me u need to wash ur face. I AM WASHING MY FACEEE!!
  10. I tried lemon juice it didn't do anything for me just lighten my skin. I used it only for 5 days didnt see any big difference. My red mark hasn't faded yet and its been 4 months. I used aloe vera gel and lemon juice yeahh i still have red mark.
  11. My red mark i have is in on the nose. I was trying to kill it with an oxy pad but it bled after i took shower. I still put oxy pad on it and then yeahh it made red mark. I have the red mark for 4 month still hasnt healed. Im really sad because I dont like it on my nose. I think it will take one year just to fade it.