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  1. hey i went to a derm and after 7 monhts of tetracycline which cleared me for a bit then i broke out.. he gave me Cephalenix (antibiotic, twice a day), benzamycin and differin .1% cream. ive been using benzamyicn for a week now and im cearing up fairly well along with taking th eanitbiotic. i began to use differin on monday and my skin has become pretty dry and nasty. i havent been putting too much either.. tips for gettign rid of this skin. i also pre wash with cetaphil then apply the topicals.
  2. hey my acne has got worse and ive been on tetracycline for 6 months which worked for a while but now im zitty again...ive tried clindamyicn topical, bp wash, and stuff... i have lots of red marks on my cheeeks and i think i need tane cause i wanna solve this porblem as my acne has progresseg to moderate....also summer would vbe a good time to start since im not @ uni... whats the best way to convince this derm (never met b4, first time with a derm) to give me tane.. cause i dont want antibiotics
  3. my mom said i cant get accutane cause i have to register with the govt. huh? i live in CA and am on tetracyline 500mg a day and it was working well for 5 months but now my acne has gotten otuta control.... since its summer and i wont be @ college i fgure it would be good time for accutane.? yes ? yeah
  4. i hate acne. ok anyways i have acne and am on tetracycline and using cetaphil to wash. i heard that hooney is a great mask and antibacterial. does anyone do honey masks out there and how do you it? how long and how often? also i have sensitive skin so i would prefer just honey. tips, comments, anything about honey+acne!
  5. yeah my acne got bad @ college so when i came home i was presicribed this. it worked well. i have been on since late dec and now i feel acne coming back.. ackkkkkkkk yeah it cleared me up and probably prevented more scars due to stopping acne. peace
  6. hey i was tlaking to my dorm (college) neighbor. he said he used this soap called "Clearly Natural" Glceryicn Soap. This soap has no chemicals and he said its works well for acne. Right now im on tetracycline and cetaphil facewash with olay mostrizer. Anyone tried this b4 or soemthing similar.? http://www.clearlynaturalsoaps.com/products.html he doesnt use the anti-acne one on this website. just the regualr soap thoguhts........................ i have a week off from college so i thouhgt
  7. i have been on tetracycline for 2.5 weeks and it has been workinbg. is it okay to drink alcohol while on it? yes or no?
  8. wow, yah kaiser sucks. i went to it the other day for my acne and got the dumbest doctor ever. he just read out of a book : "for mild acne do this...." "ok u do that" "number 2, for moderate acne do this..." he didnt care and didnt know the answers to any questions. he also came off as a jerk. ahh kaiser sucks. yeah what ur doing sounds pretty crzy but use mostrize with soem non-face cream like suave or cocoa butter or just go to mcdonalds and go to get some fries, then take a sleeping pill and
  9. hey i use cetaphil and for a while i used the cetaphil gentle cleanser till i realized they had cetaphil face wash ofr yo face. its gentle, non-comogendinc and doesnt have anyhting harsh at all except its more for oily skin and made for ur face. if u read gentle cleanser label it says "for use on hands, body, babies..." or something like that. the face cleanser doesnt say this cause its made for ur face.! yeah the face calsner u use water with it and the other that i used b4 i also used water. o
  10. really? i didnt think this would work. so twice a day. at once? i have these but am inconsistne when i take it !
  11. i steam then mask but im thinking about skipping the steaming and just masking. the steaming is intense and i have way bad hyperpigmentation so the heat from the steam probably makes it worse. does it make it worse temporarily or permanttly?? should i steam or skip it.
  12. my doc gave me 250 mg capules of tercycilne to take twice a day. along with this i am not using BP wash, just ceatphil. i found the BP wash wasnt effective and gave me more acne. should i perhaps icorpate the BP wash into my regimen by washing with it at night. he also gave me topical Erythromycin gel. i have been taking the tertracyline and wahsing iwth cetaphil day and night and using lemon juice every ohter day. so this sound solid or should i use the bp and topical stuff. what about mostrir
  13. never used that one b4. hope it works well
  14. yeah,, kinda lame he put me on oral tetracyline. adn gave me topical entromychin.