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    I love living life to the fullest. I have had acne since 8th grade but, I still feel that I look fine, I think I would look much better without it though! Sometimes acne depresses me but, I don't let it get me down! <br />My interests are listening to music, hanging out with friends, reading, writing, going to coffee shops by myself, making new friends, reading tarot cards etc etc...
  1. I know I have to find something that I love, its important. But, at this moment, I can't really find much. The Accutane seems to be working well but I guess I am under stress as a lot of things are happening along with that. I hate being all mopey about my life but sometimes it just reaches that level.
  2. Alright, so I really need to vent coz I have been sad for very long. I hate my life. Between going to classes and studying, all I do is fight with my ex and feel all alone. I was in a long-distance relationship and I ended it about 2 months ago but we still talk sometimes and it almost always leads to fights. I started Accutane almost a month ago and at this moment I have the worst headache ever. I can't fall asleep and I feel sad and lonely. I wish that there was someone that actually cared. I
  3. I dunno..I would be super happy and go soulmate hunting?! lol
  4. Like everyone else on here, I think that you've gorgeous eyes! Play 'em up! Some kohl and mascara is gonna do just that for you! Dress up and pamper yourself! You're awesome and you deserve it. And, enjoy your first day in college! As far as the guy is concerned, just forget him .If you'll be confident about yourself then, you'll definitely find someone who genuinely loves you. And, if he doesn't then he is really not worth your time. I think if someone truly loves you then, they have to accept
  5. Let it dry out....thats the best way to do it. If you'll play around with it too much then, its just going to create a new scar.
  6. I see. Thats good then, because that's exactly what I was worried about! I was under the impression that this would make me fall behind on my dosage by a few days or something. So, this helps!
  7. So, today I was super busy and running around from one class to another. In this mess, I missed taking my sotret pill( my morning dose). I know that I can't and shouldn't take two accutane pills at once so I'll just have to go on. But, should I just take that pill in the end? I mean my dosage would end on 3rd January so, do you think I could extend my dosage to 4th? I am on 40 mg for 4 months. And, I take a 20 mg pill twice a day.I am gonna get in touch with my derm but, I still wanted to know
  8. Bare is an awesome make-up product! Stick to it, thats what I am using right now..
  9. I'd say if depilatory cream is not working then, try bleaching....It all depends on how your skin is though
  10. Yeah, thats probably the reason..I say try to trust your doctor and go with it Goodluck!
  11. thanks!! I am trying! How many treatments did you undergo?
  12. A defined jawline on a guy! totally my thing!
  13. man you're incredible Agree! I agree as well! Acne does suck but, doesn't stop true love from knocking your door..I have had acne since 7 years but, I have dated some really nice guys who liked me for me. Although, there were other issues later..Anyways, the point is that acne really can't stop you from meeting someone special :)
  14. hahaha! Acne is hot?! never heard that one before...I would say Acne is a way to compensate for a really pretty face .. I'd rather be without it than, be with it..