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  1. I'm you #1 creeper? Didn't have to try very hard..

    1. Frida - I've done 2 courses of VStar laser (facimile of VBeam) and you will require multiple treatments to see results. As well, as someone has mentioned, the stronger the tx (and therefore, the more bruising and downtime you will have) the faster the results. I believe I had 4-5 treatments each course, over the span of 4-5 months. I was satisfied with the results but definitely do not remember noticing anything after the first treatment. Good luck! L
    2. Great post and wise words. I imagine that a large majority people live in a perpetual war with themselves, to some extent. I think it is possible to ultimately accept those things that we cannot change about ourselves, but.. as far as the day to day, those things do not make you undeserving of living the moments you have. So whether or not you are fully self accepting seems to be independent of the ability to do great (even if small) things. At least, this is my experience. It is all about persp
    3. Hey PBN!! First of all GOOD LUCK with your course!! I am also a Tane repeat offender.. haha.. I did 3 courses and am likely gonna have to do a fourth . It is crazy, I don't understand how it comes back!? Anyways, best of luck with your third course.. I am sure you are a pro by now with handling side effects, etc. I know I am! Also.. not trying to be rude by asking how much you weigh but.. 80 mgs to start seems pretty high! I am ~140 lbs and have always done 40 mgs to start then up to 60 mgs un
    4. Mike, I agree. Sorry, I wasn't trying to sound contrary. I am just very surprised, especially since I too was skeptical of the laser as my skin is extremely sensitive and reactive, and somehow I managed to get decent results. Anyways, I'm sorry that you've had such an adverse reaction.. between the facial twitching and texture changes, etc, that's a nightmare. Maybe you can try something topical, like a retinoid or AHA, to help with the texture issues? Even chemical peels might help.. I imagine
    5. Hey guys! I don't know if anybody is actually reading this but hey, maybe it will be informative for someone in the future or whatever. Anyways, it gives me a way to track my progres.. So, second Smoothbeam tx was done a week ago. At the time I had 1 cyst Rt jawline, and not much else going on thankfully. The tx itself was the same deal as the first time. I feel like my redness cleared up faster, or maybe I just wasn't as aware of it because I knew it would fade and that it wasn't anything to w
    6. Hey Mike and Adam.. I've also been to the ICLS. To whoever asked, the derm there is boarded. I've had two rounds of Cynergy laser (that's the VStar).. and had really good results. It does hurt like hell, but it helped clear up my vascular redmarks and helped my skin texture. My second course I actually did whilst on Accutane.. which is why I'm surprised you guys have had such negative effects, as it is noninvasive enough to use while on Accutane without risk of scarring. Anyways, did the clinic
    7. Thanks a lot . Yea I initially started Smoothbeam for some small breakouts and a few small scars.. it gave me a huge breakout after the first tx but things have settled down now so hopefully if I stick with it, it might give some noticeable results. I'm not on antibiotics at the moment (in my opinion, they are worse than Accutane, so I doubt I will go back on them). And yup three courses - the drug is extremely effective for me (and for most people). I hope you also get great results from it, a
    8. Hey hey.. it's cool to keep using your topicals for a bit till your skin tells you it won't tolerate them anymore. Not what your doc will tell you but speaking from experience I've done it without consequence. The mucous membranes tend to dry out first, I notice (lips mainly), and then the skin. Just monitor and see how you do! Also - would you mind elaborating on your experience with Smoothbeam? I'm doing a series of those right now, as after my third course of Accutane (yea I've taken it 3 ti
    9. Hey there - your thread caught my eye as I use BP and Bio Oil as my current regimen. Personally, I cannot tolerate BP without a heavy moisturizer. My skin dries up and flakes completely and the irritation this causes seems to result in more breakouts. I actually put some BP and Bio Oil together on one palm and then rub my palms together to mix them, then I apply the mixture all over my face. I often apply another layer of Bio Oil to ensure moisturization. Bio Oil is really the only moisturizer I
    10. 16 June 2010 - 2 weeks post Hey kids.. Today is 2 weeks since my first Smoothbeam and let me tell you, it has been a wild ride. The first week was absolutely a disaster.. my skin went crazy! My right side which was previously clear got 2 decent sized papules and a handful of smaller spots. My left side got another 2 cysts and a few pustules. It was ROUGH. I actually peaced out on work last Wed cause I was so embarassed to go in looking like that, and booked app'ts to see both my regular skin d
    11. June 3, 2010 - taking it day by day So things are holding steady over here. My skin has fully recovered from the tx (read: no more track mark red spots - thank god!!!). I did get a tiny pustule Rt side chin area right underneath the other one that I picked that got big and gross but has now healed. I think that's probably the laser bringing stuff up. Another tiny tiny bump Lt nasolabial area as well. But overall, other actives seem to be subsiding. A few plugs under the skin on my cheeks are co
    12. June 2, 2010 - Moment of truth! Hey all - so I had my first SB treatment this morning; here are the details.. Pre-tx: Went with freshly washed face + BioOil moisturizer. The nurse took a bunch of photos of my skin with this VISIA machine; apparently this thing takes SUPER detailed photos and also allows you to visualize sun damage and dermal damage that you can't see from the outside. She never showed me my photos but I guess I will compare those to my after photos in a couple of months. After
    13. Fred - good luck with Accutane. It is a potent drug but extremely effective. Be patient and give it time, you will see some amazing results. I have been on it three times and asides from the dryness (lips, mainly), the sides are manageable; nuisance at best. Keep up with the positive attitude and scientific approach; keep questioning, keep observing, and keep thinking critically! Good for you for being involved in research also, at such an early stage in your academic career. As a side note -
    14. June 1 2010 - good day/bad day.. SO today started off pretty decently.. skin seems to be calming down, etc etc. Then when I got in after my physical I noticed a tiny spot on my right cheek in a place I normally don't break out hopefully it stays small and goes away. Also one of the little plugs can out and one might be erupting, I picked it just now - bad idea probably. Otherwise all else is sorta the same; got a potential on the left cheek again, but fighting it off with Clindoxyl. Otherwise
    15. May 31/2010 - mama needs her haterade.. Okay so I dunno if anyone is reading at the moment but I feel like updating so I will! First Smoothbeam tx is scheduled for this Wed, 9 am. I booked the day off work to recover, apparently my face will be red for a day or two. Not the biggest issue, my face is already always a little red from all the bloody topicals that don't work 100% anyways! I miss being on Accutane and not having to do the topical thing and have my skin be relatively normal-coloured
    16. Awww Christine I know that feeling; give it time! I am also a repeat Accutane user (have been on 3 courses..). Sometimes you have a few one-off spots come up at the end of treatment; your skin will continue to improve post-treatment as well so bear that in mind! Hang in there girlie, I know how shitty it is!
    17. 1 year post update! Hey all! Apparently I stopped posting my progress after a month; disappointing! Anyways, as always Accutane worked it's magic the third time around and cleared me up fairly quickly. I think I was looking pretty decent by two or three months in from what I can remember. My course ended June 2009 as I did the low dose long course thing that seems to agree with me. Interestingly, as has been the case for my previous courses, I have not experienced total remission. The never-fa
    18. Hey all - quick update - I'm being bumped to 70mgs/day. I am going to be alternating 80 mg/40 mg to do this. I'll post back on how I'm tolerating it. Lisa
    19. Feb 11/09 Ahh so I suck at updating - sorry to anyone who reads this! I have been busy as hell with school and other stuff, so I have barely even had time to worry about my skin, nevermind update my log! That being said - things are definitely calming down. I had my first breakout today after like 1-2 weeks of clearness. So overall it's definitely entering the healing stage, which is good. I pretty much just wake up every day, get on some makeup to cover up redmarks, and go about my business. I
    20. Hey girlie, sorry to hear about the concentration difficulties and tiredness. (Although congrats on your A !) Is it not possible that maybe you're just feeling the stress of school (if I recall correctly this is your first year at grad school)? Definitely having a huge to-do list can be overwhelming at any time, and exams in general is like a stress marathon. It really takes a toll on the body and mind when you're hitting the books for an extended period of time. Maybe it is that in and of itsel
    21. Hey you - was wondering where you'd gone! Glad you're doing so well though so happy to hear that!! Keep it up!!
    22. Day 53 Perrine - thanks so much for your comments, I really hope this is the last time, too! I think it is going to have to be, regardless. The cold really is harsh, isn't it? I don't think my skin has been holding up to it too well either. I was wanting to have my hormones checked but my doctor said that since I am on the birth control pill, that the levels wouldn't tell them much. Maybe I should consider going off the pill and having myself tested. I feel like I may have ovarian issues or hor
    23. Hey there - I think it should be okay, although these creams are a bit abrasive so if your skin has been really sensitive since going on the Accutane, you may want to reconsider. I think I tried this as an alternative to waxing while on Accutane, I can't quite remember. But you could always start with a little test patch somewhere to see how your skin reacts. Sorry I can't be more helpful - the safest thing would be to wait and talk to your derm/prescribing doctor. Good luck!
    24. Jan 26th - 1.5 months Jeeze I suck with the updating thing, my life has gotten insanely busy and I although I often THINK about updating, I just as often fail to get to it. Sorry to those who are following along! ANYWAYS.. I've experienced a little setback after restarting Accutane after my throat infection, in that I had another mini initial breakout type of thing. Definitely had a good 8-10 come up in these past two weeks, and most were the really red swollen cysty type that refuse to come