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  1. You just have to set personal standards and follow through with them. You can challenge yourself and create a personal "No Masturbation Challenge for X Days" and follow through with it like your life depends on it. Like I said in my initial post, amongst many things - masturbation triggers a set of hormonal reactions (and probably other reactions inside the body), so there are chances that it may disrupt hormonal flow and affect the appearance of your skin. As databased pointed out, zinc loss h
  2. That could be true as well. We definitely lack adequate and high quality zinc in our diet and lifestyles...
  3. MASTURBATION, amongst a multitude of other things - is DIRECTLY linked to acne and breakouts. Tried and tested on myself... PLENTY of times. Basically, I will go for at least 12 days without masturbating to get my face to fully clear up, and then depending if I break it after 12 days (or withhold it all the way up to three months at times) - I will masturbate, and the following day I will break out in spontaneous acne all over my face and neck areas. I will normally get a random zit on my neck
  4. Well I don't know any causes or scientific explanations behind the effects of sleeping on acne, but I noticed on myself that when I don't get enough sleep in a night - I get a few new pimples the next morning just from that. That's just an observation I made on myself... but it may be completely different for everyone else.
  5. Eh... I wouldn't recommend Accutane at all. I finished my course of Accutane over 2 years ago and I'm still suffering from EXTREMELY dry lips, night vision problems, and some thinning of the hair. And besides - 90% of my acne came back... just like with 99% of the people out there that tried Accutane. Avoid it altogether, cause you WILL regret it later. Instead focus on lifestyle factors such as stress reduction, living a proper lifestyle (none of that sedentary bullcrap of going out to nightcl
  6. I might as well add some of my observations to this thread as well... so here goes: I'm one of those people who has tried literally EVERYTHING there is to try to treat my mild inflammatory acne. Let's also add to that and say that almost everything I tried (that I reckoned was good for me) - has actually worked to some degree or another and lessened and/or temporarily 'cured' my acne. However, a reoccurring problem seemed to persist - and that was the fact that no matter how strictly and how w
  7. Alright. I stopped touching my face or popping them, but they pop themselves... just not fully. Maybe it might be cause they don't FULLY leave me when they pop, and the remaining puss just gets inflamed again... I'm still not too sure on what to do though.
  8. Does anyone know why some zits keep on coming back in the EXACT same spots as before? I've had some pimples for a few years now that ALWAYS keep on re-appearing in the same areas around my nose. They are also the same kinds, and same size. Are my oil production pores messed up in those areas more than in others?
  9. ^ Well the decaffeinated green tea doesn't have caffeine... but regular green tea has quite a bit actually. I think I also noticed at one point when I was drinking lots of regular green tea that I had a few more pimples than usual. I drink decaffeinated green tea now, and now as much... and right now it's not affecting anything.
  10. Good for you man! I've also been a believer in healing with proper nutrition and have been using nutritiondata.com for a while now (for the reasons as you). Quick question for you though - have you noticed that they eliminated the option to list foods with the highest/lowest IF ratings (inflammation ratings)? What's up with that... Anyway. Find foods with the least amount of sugars and inflammatory ratings in them, and build your diet based on those...
  11. I run outdoors. I just immediately jump in the shower after a run, before the sweat gets a chance to dry and clog my pores. Exercise helps minimize acne in me, but I'm sure that sweat can provoke it if not taken care of right aways.
  12. Thanks. The thing is - I normally do have clear skin... but I just have certain things that trigger temporary episodes of acne in me. For me, diet is a major trigger (I can eat something that provokes acne in me, and literally... some hours later I get a few pimples). Some lifestyle issues can give me breakouts as well. Thanks for the advice on washing... it's definitely important not to strip any natural oils cause the body will produce more to compensate for the loss. I think another thing t
  13. Not here to get into debates... but I'll just say that I've started to masturbate again and I got a few small pimples (but was completely clear during the 4 months of complete abstinence). That's just MY experience... Does anyone know which hormones get affected by sexual activity?
  14. - Cinnamon (get it in raw organic powder and sprinkle your morning oat meal with it, and add some sliced apples to it) - Holy basil (usually comes in supplement form - New Chapter Organics make the most potent product) - Chromium (the picolinate form is the most potent)