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  1. no idea as to why it happens, but i get that too. mine is more on a weekly scale though. the past 2 weeks i've been breaking out really bad, actually in places i never did as much before. the two weeks before that my skin took a turn for the better and i was barely breaking out at all. accutane is pretty weird, considering im starting to clear up in the areas where i was heavily affected, yet im breaking out bad now in the areas where i only had mild acne.
  2. ya i hurt myself at work like 5 times a day. cuts and scrapes that i sometimes dont even notice for a day or 2
  3. one thing to always remember is there a hell of a lot more people who post on the internet about their problems than those who post about their success. it does cure some people. most people will have it come back to some degree again at some point in their life, even if its half as many or just 1. i know 3 people that have taken it. it came back for 2 of them but only half as bad, and the other hasn't had a single zit since he finished 4 years ago. the side effects are different for everyon
  4. i agree with you to some extent. i was pretty suprised to see everyone attacking him. sometimes people get defensive when everyone goes against what they are saying, and then name calling gets involved and ofcourse people fight back for what they believe. and if you post on a lot of forums, you see it everywhere, there are multiple people on all sites who are completely fake, every little thing about them. even if they've been there for a long time and posted pictures. i am not calling cr
  5. i had to wait about 3 and a half months. was supposed to be only 2 and half, but it got rescheduled a couple times due to my derm having a death in the family, and he had to fill in for another derm up north for a bit for some unknown reason.
  6. this seems very odd. scars are forming within days and overnight? where there was no acne or lesion previously? that's kind of scary to think about, like your skin has decided its going to start eating itself. im interested to see how many other people have had this happen.
  7. i guess it depends on how oily you are to begin with, and your dosage. i was very oily before starting accutane but i was pretty much completely dry in 4 or 5 days. and i was even on a low dose for my weight. from what i read on here most people don't starting noticing a change in oil production till the second or third week. so i guess everyone is different. im not as dry as i was in those first two weeks as i am now though...
  8. my skin didn't slow down healing until the third week or so, so i would say you don't need to wait until it's fully healed but at least makes sure its after the worst of it . also only noticing the healing is slowed down on my face. i think it may take a lot longer for it to start affecting the rest of the body. (at least in my case) good luck!
  9. my skin was seriously oily and i was dry in less than a week
  10. lol ya sometimes i couldn't help squeezing either. but i had hundeds of them so there wasn't really any point. and my skin got so fragile it would just peel away and get really red. but they're almost all gone now, probably less than ten that i can see. and thats pretty good considering my entire nose and forehead was basically a giant blackhead.
  11. how long have you been on the tane? if you've been on for more than 2 or 3 weeks no matter what stop squeezing them out, you will just end up peeling all the skin around them making your nose more red and blotchy. they will come out on their own. although my acne has gotten worse since i started the one thing that's better are my blackheads. i had tons on my nose and forehead and there almost all gone. took about 4 weeks for them to come out.
  12. ohhhh haha! wow i totally misread the title. though it had something to do with green tea smooths while on tane as in it makes your skin smooth or something. lol anyway, i might just actually give that a try now. see if anything happens for me. not sure that i have a blender though.
  13. lawlz imagine that. no matter what green tea is good for you so it probably contributed in one way or another. green and white tea is the only thing i drink, along with water durrrr
  14. totally uncalled for. jerked up t*t? are you serious? i don't see how he is playing mr know it all. he even provided a link, claiming he's done his research and read about this. he didn't post this saying he knew everything.