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  1. in my experience, it only bleaches cheap cotton shirts
  2. my face actually feels tight only without BP.. i put it on as a moisturizer.
  3. after reading this thread, i decided to try the 10% walmart brand. 1 oz tube for $1.87. So i could get 4 oz for pretty cheap, even cheaper than Dan's. The problem is that it's white. So this is what i do, i put on a fairly thin layer of it on all over my face. Then i put some liquid SA on my hands and rub it all in my face. I usually use SA anyways, so it doesn't add any cost to my routine. The result is good, can't see any white stuff
  4. anyone have problems with fleece's?? I don't think they bleech fleeces, but i want to make sure. I just got a new $100 north face fleece and i don't want it to be messed up. thanks
  5. you need to use SA on the red marks.. this is what i do to keep clear. Use liquid SA on your entire face. Once it dries, put on some 2% BP gel.. this should all be clear and you're ready to go out.. at night, do the same thing but put on gel SA on the red marks (a lot of it).. and also use 10% BP on the active pimples (a lot)
  6. try oil controlling liquid SA from neut. I think it works better than BP
  7. i use liquid SA 3 times a day and it works great. I just put some in my hand and rub it into my face.. it leaves my face with in a nice tone/color.. i also use bp gel at night but bp.. i think the SA is working better (now that i'm using more of it).. The bp gel makes your face kinda pale and wrinkly, while the sae actually makes it look better.. so there you go.
  8. if you want to get zits, you touch those..
  9. your skin probably didn't get use to BP yet.. For me, BP definitly works better than SA on prevention and treatment.