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  1. Hi everyone... I recently started taking Yasmin about 1 and a half weeks ago and my hair has been shedding at an alarming rate, I typically have more shedding than I'm guessing the average female does, but lately it's just been insane... a handful of hair per day atleast. Should I stick it out and see if the shedding normalizes or what?? Thanks!
  2. I'm introverted without a doubt. I need to be completely alone, online company incluced for atleast 1/4 of my time awake, otherwise I feel like I'm without air or something. I think introverts are very misunderstood by the general population and were often veiwed as rude or anti-social etc. for our actions, and well lack there of, but thats not how it really is, we just need our space and our time alone to thrive and re-energize. Its funny, my sister is the DEFINITION of an extrovert in every a
  3. Is it called "Vo5 leave in spray" ??? Thanks!
  4. Wow, I was thinking about buying this stuff awhile back but it has sense been pushed to the back of my mind. I'm going to have to get some of this stuff!!! I've heard great things about it online at various boards and Lord knows my hair needs it. My hair is also fried, I started dying my hair a really blonde from just my natural dirty blonde, so... all that bleach has KILLED my hair and its always breaking off all the time, which is hard to watch happening. Anyway, I couldn't of described it any
  5. I totally agree with you, before muscles or whatever else that is whats most important to me and always has been... alot of peole are "attractive" but if I don't find their personality attractive, or if they seem airheaded it's a total deal breaker, more so than ANYTHING else.
  6. OMG LOL! That P.Diddy video was the funniest thing i've seen in a while!! lol! thankyou!
  7. I don't really get much sun, I try for 15 mins a day but I take an anti-biotic now and I burn veryyyyyyyy easy. Before this though I know sun does seem to help my skin alot.
  8. I am attracted to guys with average body types who have a little muscle but not too much. Too much muscle is deff. a turn off and actually a little scary in my eyes.. lol Also, of course acne isn't a deal breaker... look at me.
  9. I wish I could help out... Idk what thats about, I actually have the problem the other way around... I look terrible all through out the day/night but when I first wake up my skin looks good and calm. =/ It's weird and also depressing because I wake up and I'm happy w/ what I see but then I go in the bathroom an hour or two later and it's disgusting again.....
  10. Oh man I've had my picking under control for the longest but tonight I REALLY messed up, it all started w/ just 1 blemish.... as always. Sigh, then I ended up picking/popping like 10 other things that should of never been touched. On top of that I tried to pop an under the skin pustule that wasn't ready! My face looks a damn mess... all red and swollen, and it hurts!!! Ughhhhh... I hate this, my face was actually looking OKAY, not good but not bad either.... now it looks DISGUSTING, and I don't
  11. oh yeahhh, no problem... we can keep that on the low low. lmao :D ttyl.

  12. Haa! I think first I would run around the house screaming w/ happiness then proceed to go outside w/ no makeup and twirl around in the sunshine like the nutcase I am. Then I would probly apply for college and finally start LIVINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Such a nice dream
  13. PS: I actually got clear off this about 2 years ago although I didn't keep it up for whatever reason. I was pretty young back then, so I don't know what was going on in my thought process, lol. Anyway, one thing I should note is that I actually used only jojoba oil to cleanse my skin, I didn't use any castor or olive oil yet still got good results. Also, I remember at the time I would use dickinsons witch hazel toner after cleansing and then treat w/ tea tree oil... please please please though i
  14. Yeah, you're right asia! Right now I don't use anything topical... just dans cleanser to wash my face and then cetaphil moisterizer at night. I will continiue to do so I think until I can get a script. How often do you think I should use finacea once I do get my hands on it? I am thinking just at night to start off, as I don't want to irritate my skin etc etc. Thanks though for you're advice... I appretiate it.
  15. Hey, this really sounds like it would be a win for me! My skins pretty oily w/ inflamed acne, and also non inflamed... so lots of white heads and under the skin bumpies. Also, my pores are severely clogged and my skins very sensitive and always red, blotchy and irritated! What a fun combo, haha! At the moment I'm just washing w/ dans cleanser because my skins been so sensitive lately. This really sounds great though! I would like to try it out ASAP! originally I was planning to try out BHA and
  16. Baby oil is mineral oil... that is a no-no for acne.
  17. See... this is soooo true jezebel! I think you should go for it! I read you're post and again, totally relate.. I was thinking after I posted that, "a pimple and a few clogged pores"??? What I wouldn't kill to have that, lol! . But anyway, nike is right... you do have something VERY special. My bond w/ my bf is also mostly mental/emotional and I realize that I will most likely never find a person I connect w/ on the level I do w/ him... but it's just me myself, and I... I look at myself in the m
  18. Hey... I completely understand what you're dealing w/! Acne and relationships just don't mix... well, atleast for me. Also, my bf knows basically everything about me too... but I never really mention acne, ever. It makes me really uncomftorable and embaressed, and normally I won't even see him unless I'm having a "good skin day". I can't tell you how many times I was supposed to meet him somewhere only to suddenly not be in the "mood" to see him... it's really sad, I can't even count how many ti
  19. My dad had no issues ever I don't think, my mother had mildish acne until she was in her 20s... she still gets an occassional zit every now and then. I don't think she ever had acne near as bad as I do, my younger sisters acne probably resembles hers back in the day. she has a smooth, even toned, poreless complexion with a few scattered inflamed zits that have now been 99% eliminated w/ BC and a SA wash... not fair
  20. Wow! You look great! Even w/ acne you are still very pretty! How the hell is you're skin so poreless looking btw... I'm jealous!
  21. Hi Brit... I also have clogged pores, and actually mine are much bigger/deeper than yours and also unfortunetley COVER my cheeks/forhead/chin/jaw... it's very strange not to mention extremely depressing to have skin that doesn't even look like skin in all these areas then have poreless perfect/smooth skin elsewhere. So I can relate to what you're dealing w/ in that aspect. To be honest though if I could get my skin looking 1/4 as good as youre I would be so happy I can't even tell you. I also de