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    Texas baby!!!
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    Let's see, I'm really outdoorsy. I ride my fourwheeler all the time and love all things sports related! I'm a huge Astros fan! Diehard in fact! LOL. I'm a true southern girl. I love to shop and dress up! I'm a haristylist. I work out. I love food, and i'm a tiny person! only 5'2"! but i wear heels alot!
  1. i know how frustrated you must feel but relax, you're with friends...LOL! yeah, i went to a primary care physician and got on anti's and differin which helped a little, until i could FINALLYYYY get to the derm. it's ridiculous how long you have to wait for those appts, and then when you finally get to see them they spend all of five minutes with you, if you're lucky! good luck to you. and proactiv is bull for people with moderate to sever. i think it promoted my cystic acne so screw that! i wish
  2. ugh easier in usa? are you kidding? it took a week to see my physician, then three months to see a derm and i even called crying my eyes out begging to get in sooner cuz there was scarring and i was severly depressed!!! our medical system is one of the owrst if you ask me. my insurance runs out in less than a year and then i will be forced to either buy my own which will cost a fortune, or pay for all my doc and derm visits and my meds as i go. which two of my meds are fifty bucks a piece and th
  3. bottom line, everyone's acne can be caused by different things and sometimes it's not just one cause, it's a combination of several! whatever works, great! and who's to say you know or dont know what's causing someone else's acne? the doctors cant even figure out what causes most of our acne, or how to treat it properly without accutane, which doesn't even work for everyone. honestly, everyone's situation is different and noone is more right or wrong than the next. that's why there are so many d
  4. Hey girly, how are things going for you?

  5. i like ur hair lol

  6. i dont use anything by proavtiv but their sulfur refinging mask and i'm looking for something comparible to it that i can purchase when it runs out.
  7. i really wish you all the best! please let me know how it goes with spiro...unfortunately i cant take birth control because it make me sick, but i'm wondering about the spiro myself! good luck!
  8. i'm sorry i'm an optimist. i find ways to turn disappointment into humor to ease the stress of my situation. there's no sense in it to think negatively. this is what i've learned and i'm happy with myself for the first time in months! i dated a guy a while back BEFORE i ever had acne, i barely ever even had a pimple, that had really bad acne, compared to what i have. and it never bothered me. i loved him for who he was and his whit and charm and heart! like i said, it's all in the eye of the beh
  9. i apply all over. i was just applying to the trouble spots, but i started breaking out in new areas, so now i use it all over to try to prevent acne from coming about! LOL! but yeah, it's never good when it recurs in the same spot over and over. talk about MAD scarring!
  10. well in my opinion, coming from a lady, i think charm is the first way to catch a girls' attention. i always fall for a guys personality over his looks anyways. it's not always about looks, it's how you carry yourself! acne is not forever. i think confidence goes a long way, i mean i suffer from self esteem issues myself, but come thursday night i'm going out with my crew just like i always did even before i ever had acne(i got it when i was 23, and i'm now 24!). i'm not saying there's not days
  11. well you're still a hottie!! LOL! so i really wouldn't worry about it! but yeah i agree, totally. just when i think things are improving BAM! i'm back to where i started and headed for another two weeks til i'm feeling good again! dont let a few zits stop you from gettin' your groove on with a girl! just charm your way into her heart! that's what i do with guys! well that and flirt a little. aahhhahahahaa! have a good night boys...
  12. hey guys....well tonight i'm wondering about this scar that i have on my jawline that's huge. i once got a really itchy big cyst there and it was HUGE! ever since then i keep getting cysts in the same area. i can be clear almost everywhere else, but right where that scar is and just next to it i seem to get more cysts. when one heals, another pops up right next to it. meds keep it under control and the inflammation down. anyone know what it is? and what can i do about seriously itchy flaky skin
  13. did you guys ever pick at your face or touch it alot? i remember i used to do that all the time, a now i cant even touch it without breaking out in the spot i touched!! crazy!
  14. i am sooooooooo glad that i'm not the only one!! ok, so here's my story. i had the most beautiful skin ever, never really even had pimples that often. tight pores, no oil. then we moved fifteen miles down the road and me and my ex-boyfriend had a traumatic breakup and BOOM! it started with one, then two, then six, then i started getting cysts! i'll tell ya what, there's something going on and i'm not alone dammit! it really sux because you know you weren't like this most of your life, ya know? i
  15. so if i start taking B5 can i still take my antibiotics and use benzaclin? just curious. figure i'd give anything a shot just to rule everything out before accutane. i'm desperate and ready for some improvement! i mean my acne is somewhat "CONTROLLED" but it's only reduced to moderate, and i want it GONE! words of wisdom anyone? before i spend money on something that probably wont even work.....