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  1. erm.............I think you think about this too much!
  2. lol, well thats what i thought............stuff it get myself drunk and I will forget about it. which worked, but now ive seen photos permanatly documenting it...........usually I run from cameras, but I think the drink made my inhibitions go a little too much. I dont know, logically I know this is ridiculous. I dont care what people look like, why should they care about me?...............but i cant help myself.
  3. Sorry I just need to have a rant..........I'm sooo sick of stressing about my skin and cancelling nights out with my friends because I can't bear people to see how disguisting I am. i went out at the weekend, I really wanted to cancel but couldnt really so I thought stuff it!..........this is the way I am... so what! Now I'm absoloutly regretting it, I wish I had just had just stayed home where no one could see me. I get sooo paranoid, like it really eats me up inside, like i worry what people t
  4. Thats awful, sorry your going through that. My family are really supportive and don really mention it unless i'm having a rant at them about it. I can imagine how horrible it would be, I'm always prang that people talk about my face when I'm not there or something and I definately know how you feel about tv ads...........I get really embarrassed............even when people say the word 'spot' even when its nothing to do with acne!
  5. The dryness does eventually go, it took my skin over a month to get used to it. Hang in there and I hope it works for you
  6. I think you should consider accutane also. it seems although it has MANY side affects, most people just suffer from dry lips, skin, joint pains ect. Ok they're not great and apparently the dry lips are really severe, but you have to weigh up the pros against the cons. I am on Dianette with a less severe case than you and I am strugglng to see the benefits this time round. I'm not sure the pill would do much for you? But hey i'm not a doctor! Maybe speak to some poeple that have taken accutane,
  7. Thanks for your thoughts guys, It is kinda reassuring that although they list all these awful side affects the majority of people only suffer from the more copable effects. I think I may just have a chat with my GP.
  8. I've asked this question before and got no responses. I'm seriously considering accutane, but am really concerned about all the side affects. I've had acne for about 12 years now, my breakouts seem to be getting more severe as i get older. I've tried most things, which of Dianette is the only thing that has ever helped, but it always comes back when I stop and I cant keep taking it forever. I heard Accutane can actually 'cure' some people, has this been true for any of you? What sort of side a
  9. Please see a doctor now. You may need proffessional intervention to help you cope with your emotions.
  10. Hi, I am seriously considering asking my doctor to go on accutane, but am a litle freaked out by all the side affects. I am currently on Dianette and have been using on and off for a number of years now. I dont know if you can build a resilience to this medication, but i'm just finding it less affective............or maybe i'm just impatient I dont know, but I'm finding this very hard to cope these days. At 23 i just want to worry about norml adult things not how the hell I'm going to disguise
  11. For me personally BP did nothing, initially it reduced the size of existing break out but after a couple of months use Inoticed my skin getting considerably worse. Huge amount of deep nodules (i think they are called). I stopped using it a few days ago and my situation hasnt got any worse, slightly better if anything! I'd say try not using it for a couple of days, see how things go. If you start to break out then you can always go back, but i guess you wont know until you try it? BP doesnt wor
  12. Not sure what brand it was? I just got it from the chemist. Just really dissapointed after finding this site and hearing all the great reviews about this product. Thought it would be some sort of miracle cream or something! lol. I'm on Dianette as well, so I'm thinking I'm just going to leave it with the topicals and wait for the Dian to start taking effect. (hopefully soon! have been taking for 2 months also) Punchito, its just the way with this rubbish, you spend months and months looking f
  13. Just wanted to share my complete dissapointment with this product. After two months of daily use BP did nothing for my acne and I was starting to suspect it was actually making it worse! My suspicions were proven when I threw it out two days ago and my skin is already starting to improve. Obviously in just two days its still not great, but in general my skin just feels and looks alot less 'active'. I know it works for alot of people, but i just thought I'd shre my experience with it. I guess my
  14. Ok, have been using BP for about 2 months now. Gone through the whole red face, flaking skin hoo haa..........jees was that hard. My skin has gotten used to it now so none of that anymore THANK GOODNESS!!! whats worse than having acne...........having acne, flaking skin AND a face that looks like its been slapped a good few times!! anyway, was kinda hoping for an improvement by now, but nothing. If anything its actually getting worse, I have had far more cysts than I ever have experienced in pre