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  1. i've tried daphne and not very impressed, it shines too much. Does this sephora product shine? or it looks like skin?
  2. hey man wats the update? wat exactly is a boxscar? is just a shallow scar?
  3. same problem here.. mine comes out shiny how do you solve that problem???
  4. I didnt know we had to mix the two barrels, I thought each barrel is the same as the other. So combining the two is required to create the filler?
  5. hey how come my one leaves a whitish mark.. how do i get rid of this white mark
  6. Hi there, I personally dont think peels will do anything for the scarring, for hyperpigmentation it will. The peels dont penetrate enough to induce collagen formation.
  7. im still waiting for my package, but the way i see it.. it works well on icepick/boxscar like deep scars. I wonder how it is going to work on shallow scars tho, like not too deep but not perfect just in the middle. It will be interesting, hopefully it works out.. this is my last roll of the dice!!
  8. I grew up in phils in and live here in Australia right now. So basically she's saying that if its worth to buy "this product" that she saw on TV which is selling for 6000 pesos which is around 150 USD each so if she buys of 2 of this she'll get one free. The "product" is apparently good for removing scars, hyperpigmentation and acne. She describes that you put the product on your skin twice a day and if you start to see results then just decrease it to once per day. And then she started to de
  9. Sounds promising, I personally wouldnt mind doing this for the rest of my life. Does the filler run out quickly?? like how many applications roughly? I mostly have mild rolling scars.. does it work well with that?
  10. I've got mild to moderate scarring, I am planning on doing this in conjunction with skin needling. But is it just a really expensive filler?? So how effective is it really? in terms of results and longevity. Thanks guys,
  11. hey minty peas do u mind taking another picture with restylane? i am really thinking about doing restylane and would like to see how it would look since we have similar scarring. Cheers, would mean a lot.
  12. hey minty peas! we got generally same kind of scars.. I am thinking of doing fillers too or fractional photolysis(spelling?). One thing i like about fractional is the minimal downtime. But anyway let me know what you decide, to do as I will be following ur progress. But honestly, i think those are realy shallow scars.. those pics are taken at very harsh lighting too. But yea, I know the feeling.. its like we just cant live with it being there. Best of luck
  13. hey, why dont you try working out/exercise, gym, sport. Anything physical. After doing gym, I feel mentally good. One time, I was having breakouts and I was not really motivated to go uni. I went to the gym, and had a workout and after that I felt more mentally strong (made me feel like, i dont really have a lot of pimples) and went to uni in the end.
  14. I was dating a very pretty girl, and I had moderate to severe acne. One day, one guy said in front of me and my girl " What I dont get is, how do guys like you get a girl like her" I dont know if that's an insult or compliment, but now I am 90% cleared up, minimal acne scars and still dating the most wonderful girl in the world =). I dont mean to boast, sometimes she even gets insecured now because of other girls, whom she thinks likes me. I know, its hard to get your confidence back up when
  15. So anyway I got both of them since I noticed that differin works good in small pimples, and retin a works better on cystic ones. My question is do these topicals, prevent acne(cystic, small ones) from forming? Cause if that's the case then I'll use them every night.