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  1. it really depends i.e. some have itched me but been great for others. the neutrogena one you tried was personally great for me but i did find it a bit too gentle. another one you could try is avene extremely gentle cleanser which is great for taking makeup off or the dermalogica gentle cleanser as well. i just went to buy a bottle of cetaphil gentle cleanser but it made my skin red - it's a shame because it's been raved about.
  2. Hi everyone, I was on 60mg a day 5 years ago and that completely cured my acne. However it's recently returned and I've been prescribed a low dosage by my dermatoligist - 20mg a day. He told me I can drink alcohol i.e. one glass of wine now and again but just wondering if you guys got the same story from your doctors? Would I be able to dye my hair or wax as well? Thanks for your help and any personal experiences welcome!
  3. i like px the best! i found clinique ones too pink for my asian yellow skin estee lauder is also great lancome is also one of my fav but breaks me out. i still use it only at night when i go partying htough lasts for ages too
  4. i've been using sunsense the clinique city block is very popular but alot of ppl don't know, that you actually need around a table spoon of product to actually protect you skin. so i don't suggest that one
  5. i wear 30 spf sunsense sunblock everyday and reapply every 4 hours so i haven't been very sensitive to the sun and i've stopped around a month ago are you wearing sunblock? then again, it takes some ppl longer for the effects to wear out so i guess just wait a little longer
  6. it's recommended to use oil-free make up only but i found that it dried out my skin sometimes i always used oil-free foundation but as for bronzers, brush etc. i use ones that contained oil and didn't make me get any extra break outs
  7. Hello all, I've tried to find a topic on this but I can't seem to find one What products do you use after finishing your course? Do you still use an acne product? I've just finished for around a month and it's going great. Until yesterday, a couple of pimples popped up. I'm really confused as to whether I'm supposed to continue using my sensitive skin regime or change to an acne regime. Thanks for you help
  8. i think that the weight loss is due to the pill drying out ur skin, absorbing all the water in ur body that's my theory cuase i've put on weight after finishing ... whihc im not very happy about
  9. my lips were back to normal after a 4 days i started putting weight back on within a week (i lost weight while on roaccutane) skin was back to normal i.e wasn't too dry as b4 . i now have normal skin with it being a tad dryer on my cheeks and after a week im able to use fragranced products without it being itchy
  10. yes i'm taking it now and i didn't have sever acne it's def helped it clear up alot i'm only taking a low dossage, 20mg for 5 months
  11. try avene the french chemist brand it's mean to be for very irritated and sensitive skin it has glycerin too i'm using neutrogena's gently cleanser which is great! but i'm not as sensitive as you another one is dermalogica's ultra calming cleanser heard alot of good reviews about this one
  12. yes estee lauder's one are great generally prescriptives, physicians formula, almay, clinique, elizaberth arden oil free foundation, el oil free are all non com. however since everyone has diff skin it causes blocked pores for some ppl i've use clnique, prescriptives and el one and they're fine
  13. try using TRISHAVE for men i use the women's one but it has tree oil and lavender etc. to sooths n prevent ingrowns etc. look it up
  14. yeah i have them too i thought it was from wearing makeup my pores are smaller though but i have alot of black heads on my nose ... thanks for this
  15. yeah it acutally can. different brands of mienral makep contain diff concerntrations of the ingredients. i used EM and it looked awesome on skin for the first couple of weeks but i started getting bumps and acne after that. It's really sad because it was the best foundaiton ever that gave me a natural looking finish. Im still looking for foundation now ... so sad!