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  1. so i got an injection in an ugly red cyst on my neck this morning at 8:30 am....when i got home from work at 8:30 pm.. it had formed a little white head, so of course i popped it!! has this ever happend to anyone? its still really hard and red ... so im guessing i should just let it be now..
  2. este lauder double wear, discovered it on here and will be on it for the rest of my life lol.
  3. i've tried millions, i'm 23 and have been on bc since i was probaly 14. so far, desogen (generic is apri) has been the best for me!
  4. load up on bp. use oxy spot treatment, cover ur nose in it every nite .. it helps after a while .. and during the day put it on too .
  5. wow i must have tough skin , it's the only thing that works for me!!
  6. i use oxy, it's not gel, it goes on white but dries clear, ( as long as you rub it in ) i wear it every morning and night under my make up.
  7. i can def say accutane was the worst mistake for me as well. i was tired of the breakouts, and tired of antibiotics, and wanted it all to go away cus i thought thats what accutane did! being 22 i wanted it all gone... i lost so much weight on tane, never ate, was the worlds saddest person... always depressed all i did was cry.. on top of that it made my acne ten times worse..my lips were always so dry and peely, i always had funky rashes.. started getting severe stomach issues.. had several ult
  8. i think if your skin isn't used to bp then u will. but i didn't cus i've been using bp products for years now.
  9. haha, i apply loads of junk on at night to keep my face undercontrol. - proactiv toner - acne free 10% bp lotion - benzaclin - oxy 10% spot treatment i do this morning & night to keep my face under control. i know it sounds like a lot but it's the only thing that works for me!
  10. ouch, i would def see a derm and get that injected asap. that looks very painful ;(
  11. tanning helped clear my back a lot. if that doesn't help, have you tried antibiotics? maybe doxy or mino?
  12. i don't think you need accutane if you haven't even seen a derm yet. i think you should just go to a derm and get started on antibiotics and a bp wash and bp gel for your face. good luck!
  13. good luck! i would love to stop bcp, but i'm terrified i'm gonna break out anymore ;( i told my doc how i felt so she is switching me to desogen. which i'll start in a week or so once im finished with this tri sprintec.