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  1. how did you apply the lemon juice? did you squeeze it out of a lemon?
  2. Hm so far things have continued to get better. I hope it stays this way. Now i need to find a way to get rid of red marks!!!! then i'd have beautiful skin. my skin is so discolored from acne.
  3. i have the same problem. I had a cyst a couple months ago and now its just a soft squishy thing that doesnt hurt anymore, under my skin. I just hope it goes away and doesnt come back! BUT Do notttttt pick or mess with cysts. it'll make it 100000 times worse!
  4. I hope I can help someone by you guys reading. Even if I can help one person, I will be happy. But, I must help myself first. Okay, so I have been fighting acne since I was 11 or 12. I have gone through stages of getting better but nothing has actually worked. I was on Pro Activ and Birth Control for about 2 years. . . and that helped but never fully cleared me. So at the beginning of the summer i decided to quit EVERYTHING. No acne medicines, no nothing. All i did was wash my face in the sh
  5. I love that stuff! It works great to take away dead skin cells. just be sure to not scrub too hard!
  6. Lol, thats what i ment. . .most sweat will break you out if you dont wash it off but in general working out is supposed to be very good for your skin and overall health. and its ok about the name thing :D
  7. i just did this I wonder why i never thought of it before!!! I usually use a towel to scrub my face but this seems a lot better.
  8. crushing two asprin and adding a little water to make a paste, and then apply onto your pimple. it can help sometimes.
  9. working out is actually good for your skin. Work out, and then right after wash your face with a cleanser & put moisturizer on. The sweat will only clog your pores if you leave it on your face after you are done.
  10. WOW. I would give almost ANYTHING to have your skin. Honestly, I bet you that no one walking down the street would look at you and think, "wow she has horrible skin." You don't have bad skin at all. You are very pretty.
  11. does it work? I put on an asprin mask on yesterday so will that be okay to do it again?
  12. OKAY I HAVE LIKE 4 hours until i have to leave and my face is super dry why wont anyone F*&*&* help me?
  13. I need to get ride of my dry skin right now. I dont have a baby brush or anything like that. I have to go somwhere nice today so I have to find away to get rid of the flakey skin. Please help!
  14. My skin is super dry right now, and flakey. What is a good quick way to exfoliate? I don't have a baby brush or anything, and i need to go somewhere nice today so i need to get rid of this flakey skin. please help!