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  1. Ok so let's start by presenting myself a little bit. My name Is Stas, I'm 18/ I live in Israel, right on the beach - climate is hot usually and the humidity is around 70-80%. I have moderate to sever acne for 5 years now and nothing helped me, I've been on antibiotics of all sorts (minocycline, and others i dont remember names). I took roacutane for 1 and only month which made me very sick, I stopped eating and lost about 15kg in just one month.. I had the side effects after a while after I drop
  2. lol i smoke hookah almost everyday lol... but not a whole pack, just 2 heads with my friends... i don't know, ill try not to smoke again after this pack, so i can see the difference..
  3. Seriously, my acne is getting better every-time I smoke a specific cigarette (i will not mention the brand .. but it's menthol cigarettes). I tried it the second time already (second pack), my breakouts stop completely and my skin isn't oily like it uses to be. And I must say also, that I had 2 months break with the packs, so I'm 100% sure it's the cigarettes. It just makes me wanna smoke more lol.... Is anyone else stops breaking out while smoking?
  4. OK after the first night: I have to say the red spots are little vanished, some pimples on my forehead are smaller, BUT a little break out, red big pimple on my left chick, two whiteheads, one on my nose and one pretty big, on my chin, I ofcourse squeesed it ><", now it's red. My nose is pretty oily, even oilier than it was before the moistoriser.
  5. I've suffered from acne since I was 12 (now I'm 16). Today it's pretty much red spots, oily, very oily skin, black heads and little breakouts. Nothing has worked for me so far, accutane made me sick, other antibiotics made me gassy.. Ok so now I'm a testie for Israeli products called "ONmacabim". They work with nano technology which is pretty cool cuz it works on a cell level. They gave me 4 products to use (free of course cuz I'm a testie): 1) Oxygen Cleanser Gel (it's so gentle, it sells grea
  6. Name: Sam (not real name). Age: 16 (had a birthday on January 10th, 2009). Acne: mild + red spots for 4 years. Products I use: Antibiotics: Roxo (Roxithromycin 150mg) once a day, it's Israeli product so you won't find it if ur not from Israel. Topical: Rozex (day and night). Zinc (Clamin), it's white so I don't use it much. Cleanser: Dr. Fisher (really bad one, I use it cuz i's very cheap, I can't afford anything now). Other: I also take multivitamin complex from Herbalife, "plants enriched with
  7. You won't believe it! My story: I've suffered from acne since I was 12 (now I'm 16), I tried lots of products and even took Roaccutane for a month which made me all sick, almost anorexic (everytime I ate something, I had the filing that I'm gonna puke), depressed with no reason to live, so I dropped the freaking drug. Yesterday, I went to the drug store not far from my house to buy a new cleanser cuz I used all Vichy gel. I didn't have a lot of money with me (only 20 bucks) so I took the cheap
  8. I don't feel depression because the accutane, but everything makes me sad and sadder. Before the course I was probably the happiest person in Israel. rock316, yeh I have the same thing, if I don't have what to do I start to feel realy bad, I'm all nervous and angry at everyone....
  9. Oh... you can! I've over dosed with Vit C, I got little red bumps (chicken pox like) all over my body+face+ears+hands+fingers+ALL OF IT. LOL.. It's not that serious just emberesing to go out. It was gone after a day. To the topic: My derm hasn't told me anything about vit E, didn't take it.
  10. Yeh, I mean I feel like nothing is matter, I will die soon, if not by myself, by some bus or some Qasam or Grad (sometimes palestinians throws rockets at us LOL ). "Yesterday, I read about some psyhicic that 80% of what she said came true and she told that there will be WWIII in November 2010, so I'm freaking don't care... I mean, I actually don't care if
  11. Lets say I don't see any reason to live anymore, I'm not saying that I'm gonna kill myself but I'm now not afraid to die which I was before... Also I'd rather be in my room than with my friends sm
  12. So I finished a month now with Roaccutane. Had some bad side effects such as a depression (I wouldn't go out with friends, almost not attracted to girls WTF?), drynes. My acne didn't even get any better. I lost weight. So what do you think, should I stop now? BTW, I'm going to the red sea at the end of this month, it's like 40°C out there, so lets say I still take the drug, is it safe like being
  13. So I started taking Roaccutane 20mgx1 (which is the sae as accutae..) on Spetember 5th (3weeks ago), since then I lost like 5kg which is 11 pounds. I can't normally eat I fill sick all the time like I'm gonna puke or something, in the mornings I can't stand food at all, I stopped eating meat the smell driving me crazy. All started when I started taking the pills. I'm 45kg on 1.70m (100 pounds on 5"57') ><" WTF??? BTW, my face isn't clearing that much, it's dry and pale, my lips are also
  14. Thanks!! What about the whiteheads? can I remove them with a needle
  15. I'm on 7th day of my accutane (20mg) course . My mum said my face looks terribal, I have black circles under my eyes and I have a cyst right beetwin my nose and the chick. Also, I get tones of whiteheads every mornning, can I remove them with a niddle? God dammit... Is it normal?? BTW before I started taking accutane my face was super-duper oily, now it's pretty much bettwin normal-dry. So can you suggest me something? I can't stand that cyst, my eyes are dry like hell, my lips feel wierd (it